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Visit an art museum with a preschooler

Visiting a fine art museum with a preschooler is a whole different experience than going with a pal (or a baby). You have to make it interesting for them. Here are a few tips for doing so:

Create a little scavenger hunt? Print out some pieces of art you are likely to see on your trip and prime your preschooler to be on the look out. I’ve been known to use this technique at the Berkeley Bowl too.

Burn off some energy. By running around before and after the museum visit, your kiddo may have more tolerance for an indoor voice. At the SFMOMA, there’s a huge Yerba Buena Gardens, near Berkeley’s BAM is a sprawling lawn with some benches to climb.

Pack some artists’ tools. When inspiration strikes the little one, be ready with some Diazepam online US portable art supplies. Please hold onto the crayons so that there are no additional works of art left behind.

Hit the cafe. As always, plan for snacks. Pick up a treat to eat outside. And do some more running.

I’d love to hear your tips in the comments!

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