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Help Wanted: Needs a Calendar Editor

If you would like to assist us for a few of hours each week, doing work that can be done from your own home, during whatever hours you like, please read on.

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Kid-friendly combinations of restaurants with errands

There are those days when it’s more profitable to the pocket and psyche to grab a bite while out and about doing errands, than to schlep home and cook up dinner.


Reader tip: Clothes for preemies

Today is the first World Prematurity Day. We’ve got two tidbits to share for families with preemies.

Visit an art museum with a preschooler

Visiting a fine art museum with a preschooler is a whole different experience than going with a pal (or a baby). You have to make it interesting for them. Here’s how…


Berkeley’s Off the Grid with a kid

El Cerrito mom, Sunny McKay, thinks that Off the Grid with a kid is a great idea! Here are her tips.


Join us and Help A Mother Out

Heather and I will both be at a tea benefit on Sunday May 1 in San Francisco, and we invite you to join us.

Date night: do you do it?

And if so… where do you go?

Oakland and Berkeley picks by Cheri Hudnut

(510) Family Faves: Cheri from Roots & Shoots

Cheri Hudnut is so Berkeley that she participated a Vegan daycare cooperative for two years…


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