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Where Can New Parents Meet Each Other in the East Bay?

Looking for an opening to connect with other new parents? Here are some resources that bring together parents, from new mom support groups to scheduled activities.  We hope you’ll try a number of them. Sometimes it is easier to click with another new parent in the back row of a music class or while struggling to hold a plank.

This guide to East Bay places to meet other moms is sponsored by FIT4MOM 510. FIT4MOM 510 has active locations in Emeryville and Albany. Your first class is always free. Use code 510FAMILIES to save 10% off your first 5- or 10-class pack. Limit one per person.

Where to meet new moms in Berkeley
FIT4MOM – Come for the workout, stay for the community! Post workout playgroup at Memorial Park, Albany| Photo: FIT4MOM 510

Activity-based new mom meeting opportunities

A note for parents of all genders: Some of these groups and outings welcome parents of all genders while others are more mom-specific. When in doubt, please contact the business directly.

FIT4MOM 510 (Various)

Classes are both outdoor and indoor. Find a bring-your-baby (or toddler) fitness class with a playgroup to connect with your fitness and other mamas in your neighborhood. Locations for stroller-based classes are Memorial Park in Albany, San Pablo Park in Berkeley, Christie Park, and Doyle-Hollis Park in Emeryville. Additional events span the East Bay and are designed to welcome new members such as free walk/runs, family field trips, and playgroups each month. Your first class is always free. Use code 510FAMILIES to save 10% off your first 5- or 10-class pack. Limit 1 use per person.

Choose a morning or evening program 7 days a week. Individual classes start at $28/class with class packs and a monthly membership option. Learn more >

moms and jogging strollers along bay
Run Club mamas out for a morning jog along Shoreline Trail in Alameda. Group runs on Sundays. | Photo: FIT4MOM 510

Epworth Playgroups (N. Berkeley)

Missed the boat on a mom’s group when your baby was an infant? For toddlers, these groups have sessions and meet in the playroom of a church in North Berkeley. There is no religious component to the playgroups. Find out how to join >

Momleta (Berkeley & Oakland)

These Baby Bootcamp classes coach postpartum women through a fun outdoor workout with their jogging strollers. The current schedule has energetic classes at Lake Temescal with lots of free parking.

Baby Brigade Movies (The New Parkway, Oakland)

Date night. Join other parents with crying babies for regular current release movie evenings at the theater at Baby Brigade held on Thursday afternoons. You can order beer and food, too. Find showtimes >

Berkeley Rose Waldorf  (Berkeley & Oakland)

New parents enjoy Sweet Peas playgroup (toys provided) indoors in Berkeley or, for toddlers, Little Ferns group hikes in the woods together in Oakland. For families interested in the Waldorf approach to education. Learn more >

Music Together (Various East Bay)

Classes and groups in-person, outdoors, and remote. We love East Bay Music Together for its music curriculum and getting to know so many other families of similar-age babies during circle time when we let down our guard a little. Learn more >

Library storytimes (Various)

Free storytimes are indoors and outdoors. For babies over 6 months, there are baby-friendly circle time activities at nearly every East Bay library. Mix it up. Check our round-up of East Bay storytimes to see if there’s one you want to try.

Find more places to meet parents in an active setting in our round-up of Best Classes for Babies and Parents >

Support Groups for New Parents

When I joined Support Group For Mothers back in the day, I had one simple goal: to make a friend with a same-age baby. I knew I was about to meet ten women with babies close in age to mine, and I thought, “If I truly like just one of them, this will be money well spent.” The support of fellow postpartum women turned out to be invaluable, but I was just thinking it would be nice to have someone to hang out with while I was on maternity leave.

I liked ALL of them, and some of us still get together. A handful of the kids are in high school together now, and they have a special (awkward?) bond, knowing that they were in the same “Moms Group”.

BANANAS Support Groups

Offered periodically on the “Parents & Family Workshops” page, moms will get to share their feelings, ask questions, and build friendships with one another. There are also playgroups and free classes about all things parenting! Check the schedule to find the next group >

Berkeley Little Ones and Parents

Co-horts of 12 new moms start every 6 weeks to join in community with a facilitator. For babies 1-6 months old. Find the next group >

Cosmic Motherhood (Orinda)

Weekly gatherings in a session-based model are designed to bond cohorts of women with similar-aged babies. Meetings are held in a private home with snacks and tea, with a maximum of eight participants in each group. Website >

Center for Early Childhood Connections (Albany)

All parents are welcome. The Center for Early Childhood Connections is a new non-profit organization on Solano Ave that is providing therapy, support groups, parent and parent-to-be groups, as well as programs and therapy for young children (birth to 5). Website >

FUN Mother’s Club (Fremont, Union City, Newark)

A Tri-city organization for families with young children, they do support groups and fun activities, too. Learn more if you’re near FUN >

Jewish Baby Network

Jewish Baby Network welcomes everyone with little ones 0 to 36 months to their in-person (outdoor) events, including unaffiliated, single and multi-parent, multi-faith, multi-ethnic, multi-abled, and LGBTQ families. Learn more at jewishbabynetwork.org.

Kaiser new parents support groups (Multiple)

Groups for Kaiser members and are facilitated by a lactation consultant or licensed therapist in Oakland, San Leandro, Fremont, and more. Find a new parent support group near you >

La Leche League meetings (Online, groups by region)

Dedicated to supporting breastfeeding, you’ll find locations and details on their interactive map, which includes groups for Alameda and Oakland/Berkeley.

MOPS, Mothers of Preschoolers (Alameda, Walnut Creek, Online)

This church-affiliated national group is a place for parents from pregnancy through pre-K. They meet in many different locations across the country, including Alameda at this time. They have Moppets for the kids so the moms can connect while the kids play in a preschool setting. It includes breakfast, speakers, creative activities, and opportunities to meet many new moms in your group. Find out if there’s a group near you >

Muir Mommies (Walnut Creek)

Affiliated with John Muir hospital, this weekly support group is open to all, not just patients who delivered there.

Our Family Coalition (Various Bay Area)

LGBTQ+ families can meet each other and get support services through Our Family Coalition. They host regular hybrid/in-person playgroups as well as in-a-pinch childcare. Meet other LGBTQ parents with infants >

PRAM (Richmond)

Parents, Resources & More (PRAM) is a community-driven formed in 1998 to support families with young children (ages 0 to 12 years old) living in the Greater Richmond area. Check them out >

Sprinkles Parents’ Community (Various)

Parent meetups and speaker series’ have in-person and virtual options. Sprinkles Parents hosts creative kid-friendly social events and speakers to help parents with children under 5 years old connect with each other. Website >

Support Groups For Mothers (Emeryville)

Facilitated weekly meetings put new moms on a path to a support group and a baby-friendly social life in these non-hospital, non-religious affiliated groups held in Emeryville. There are groups for first-time moms as well as second- and third-time moms. Learn more >

MeetUp.com (Various)

Look for an existing group near you or start your own. Hoping to find fellowship among mothers of color, working moms, lesbian moms, triathlete moms, or moms with babies who have special needs? MeetUp is a great tool for that. Learn more >

Push your stroller down the street

In order to make new parent friends, you will need to put yourself out there. Though it can be easier just to stay home, the simple act of putting on your shoes and making sure you know all the features of your stroller will give you the confidence to keep on keeping on.

Start simple: walk around your block and neighborhood. Broaden your activities to scope out the playgrounds and coffee shops (can you push the stroller and sip a latte?). When you’re ready for a more exciting destination, push your stroller through a shopping district like Fourth Street or College Ave. in Rockridge. Visit a cafe and a family-friendly business as your destination. You got this.

12 Terrific places to push your jogging stroller >

Another way we meet each other is by hanging out at our nearby playgrounds. Starting at about six months, this is a totally normal thing for parents to do. 22 more ideas of things to do with a baby.

Fit4mom workout class
Enjoy a stroller-friendly workout for mamas & babies with FIT4MOM at Memorial Park, Albany | Photo: FIT4MOM 510

This guide to East Bay new parent support groups, activity groups, and great places to meet other moms is sponsored by FIT4MOM 510. Your first class is always free

About FIT4MOM 510

FIT4MOM 510 is a local FIT4MOM franchise currently supporting locations across Emeryville and Albany. They’re a local mama-led business, owned and operated right here in the (510) community since 2018.

FIT4MOM 510 knows that fitness doesn’t have to be just one thing, it can be so much more than just a workout. They’re a supportive community focused on well-being and fitness.

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