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Where do you take guests from out-of-town?

To show off the East Bay to your friends from back home, where do you go? When I lived in San Francisco, I always drove to the top of Twin Peaks and parked so we could look down on everything. I haven’t done that in years. Sigh…

Best places to bring your East Bay Visitors

We asked our hecka fine Facebook community, “Where do you take out-of-town guests?” and this is what you guys told us:

  1. Oakland mega visit: Lake Merritt, Uptown, Lakeshore, Lake Chalet, Oakland Museum, Farmer Joe’s, Joaquin Miller Park, Bakesale Betty’s, Tamarindo, Binh Minh Quan, Hawker Fare and you never have to leave O-Town (Kiera)
  2. Alameda’s greatest hits: Crown Beach, Park Street shops, USS Hornet tour, and wineries on Alameda Point (Katie)
  3. A fun day at Cal: Head up the Campanile on a clear day. If you have kids with you, here are 5 other things to keep them busy on campus (Becky)
  4. Berkeley Marina: Stop for cheesy drinks at Skate’s before a walk on the pier (Britt)
  5. Scenic views: Check out the scenery from Inspiration Point and Grizzly Peak vistas or sip drinks on the patio at the Claremont Hotel (Britt)
  6. Combine pizza with a view: Zachary’s Pizza then Indian Rock (Rose) or Down Moeser from Arlington (El Cerrito) for the sweeping view of the Bay then to Cheese Board (Hadley)
  7. Best visit for children: Fairyland and the Tilden Steam Trains (Beth)
  8. Nature lovers: Hike around Redwood Regional Park (Title)
  9. Playing pinball: She always wants to go to Pacific Pinball Museum in Alameda (Amalia)
  10. Our park beats your park: The gems of Tilden Park (Elizabeth)
  11. Get on your horse: Redwood Ranch for horseback riding (David)
  12. More Oaklandish: Oakland Museum of California and Fenton’s (Carolyn)
  13. Food Food Food: Berkeley Bowl (Angel) or Farmer’s Merket at Lake Meritt (Leonieke)
  14. Geek out: Chabot Space and Science Center (Elizabeth)
  15. Eat out: The perfect restaurant for visitors depends on your taste; we got votes for A16 Rockridge (Lisa), Pyramid Ale House (Brandi), or Vik’s Chaat & Market (Jenny)

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