Kid-friendly cafes in Oakland and Berkeley
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Where to Grab (Hip) Coffee with Kids in the East Bay

I have this thing for hipster coffee shops. Something about the white subway tile, the Tolix chairs, the perfectly displayed vegan donuts. I just can’t stay away. I’m all like “Take my four dollars for your perfectly crafted almond latte with your beautiful foam art.” Just take it.

Needless to say, we’ve frequented a lot of coffee shops with kids in tow, here are some of our favorites and why:

Allego inside Whole Foods & 9 other hip coffee places
Allego inside Whole Foods Gilman
  • Allegro inside Whole Foods Gilman: The space is huge, I can keep my toddler in a cart and buckled while I order, and there’s a ton of healthy (and not-so-healthy) treat options for said toddler. On rainy days we like to get coffee and just stroll the aisles – Whole Foods is like a mall to me, I think we could stay there for hours. (Free WiFi)
  • Artis on Fourth: Another spacious coffee shop. Grab a cup and walk Fourth Street – we like the toy store and watching for trains. Also, they have a frequent user program and randomly send you texts – “Next coffee is on us.”, “25% off your next drink.” What? Sign me up. Oh wait, I already am. (Free WiFi)
  • Bartavelle on San Pablo: Their avocado toast is on point. And, it practically shares a space with Acme. Enough said.
Rasa Caffe and 9 other great coffee places in the East Bay
Rasa Caffe, Berkeley
  • Blue Bottle near Jack London Square: Get your cup to go and stroll the Sunday Jack London Square Farmer’s Market. Also, my toddler thinks their snickerdoodles are perfection.
  • Casa Latina on San Pablo: The space is beautiful, the pastries are picture worthy, and we get to watch for buses out the huge windows. Have you tried their horchata-latte yet?
  • Catahoula Coffee on Fourth (also in Richmond): Pick up a mexi-mocha on your way to Berkeley Aquatic Park. (Free WiFi)
Casa Latina and other hip coffee joints in the East Bay
Casa Latina
  • Farley’s East in Uptown Oakland: Their Yelp Page mentions a kid-friendly play area upstairs, but we’ve always enjoyed sitting outside. They have a nice selection of magazines to read (for free) if you stay, or get your coffee to go and run around Lake Merritt.
  • Fellini on University: Don’t want to take your kids out of the car? Fellini is where it’s at. Drive-up, order at the outside window, and keep a close eye on your kids. They are super fast too. We like to stop here on our way to Totland.
  • Hal’s Office on Solano: Old notary office turned coffee shop with the best neighbors possible – As You Wish Frozen Yogurt. Kids get ice cream, you get a latte with your ice cream. (Free WiFi)
Highwire coffee trailer is among the hippest stops for coffee
Highwire Coffee trailer on San Pablo
  • Highwire Coffee on San Pablo: They have a cute patio out back perfect for sharing a granola-yogurt bowl on a sunny day. (Free WiFi)
  • Highwire Coffee Trailer on Solano: Order your coffee at the cute trailer, then sip and stroll Flowerland Nursery. Such a pretty, pretty place.
  • Kaleidoscope Coffee in Point Richmond: In the heart of downtown – big space, comfy couches, big bright windows AND ice cream. Our boys were sold.
Point Richmond Coffee Shop
Kaleidoscope Coffee
  • Perch on Grand Avenue: Perfect for parents of little ones, find a back room just for kids! Your tot can make you a pretend machiato while you wait for your real one. (Free WiFi)
  • Philz Coffee on Shattuck or Gilman: They don’t have lattes, but their mint-mojitos almost make up for it. The one on Gilman is next door to Farm Burger. (Free WiFi)
  • Timeless on Piedmont: It’s all vegan – if you’re into that sorta thing – and even if you’re not, just go. The pastries are beautiful AND delicious. Walk through the Piedmont Cemetery after – it’s not creepy, I promise.
Alchemy Coffee and other hip spots
Alchemy Coffee on Alcatraz

Some other favorites – for no other reason than they just make good coffee – Rasa Caffe (try the rose latte) and Alchemy in South Berkeley. Or Townie on University (where you can get a cold brew float, what?).

Tell me, where are your favorites and why? I know I’ve missed many, there’s practically a new one popping up every day. Not that I’m complaining or anything.


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[All photos by Anna Azimi; map created by @Arvi1000]

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23 thoughts on “Where to Grab (Hip) Coffee with Kids in the East Bay”

  1. Gaylord’s Espresso on Piedmont Avenue. I’ve taken my son here since he was a baby. They make the best ever hot chocolate, according to him. Sometimes their Pac-Man machine is operational …

  2. why do you guys never recognize east bay as east bay ? is east bay only Oakland and Berkeley area? it’s such a huge bummer , east bay is huge ya know

    1. Hi Patti,
      We focus on the {510} of the East Bay and our core team lives in Berkeley and Oakland with other contributors spread around more broadly. Would you like to add some other favorites to our list?

  3. Excellent post! So many I haven’t tried. I would add the Blue Bottle on Broadway, Bicycle at Jaco London and Coffee Conscious on Gilman (which also has delicious vegan doughnuts!)

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  5. I”d add Actual Cafe on San Pablo — amazing donuts, no laptops on weekends, and next door to a knitting/fabric store (that has a little bird we like to visit) and a cupcake joint.

  6. I notice last time that Mo Joe Coffee on Sacramento in Berkeley has some toys in a corner and seems like it would be very kid friendly!!

  7. Bica is my favorite. What it lacks in space, it makes up with super nice staff who love kids and Trader Joe’s nearby. Also the BART/bus/garbage truck/taxi/bike/dogs/foot traffic can’t be beat (says my one year old boy). In reality Perch on Grand Ave is more practical with kids and has a big room with toys for them. I also enjoy Boot and Shoe, if you go when they open around 8am there are awesome fresh pastries and a large and quiet patio to enjoy.

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  11. I have a 6 month old and found that some of my fav spots that were kid friendly didn’t have changing tables or any good option for dealing with a diaper situation. Any of these spots set up for diaper changes?

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