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Best Idea Ever: A Playground with Coffee in Berkeley

The next time someone asks me — as they often do — what’s a hidden gem you want to tell every new-to-town parent about, I’m pretty clear on my answer: Strawberry Creek Park: A playground with coffee in Berkeley.

Cafe in Strawberry Creek Park
The Hidden Cafe is in ground floor of building. Playground is to the left. | Photo: Whitney Moss

With ample parking, a huge field in which to scamper, a creek to explore, a playground updated in 2020, and, a cafe onsite, Strawberry Creek Park is a perfect destination for a lazy Saturday. Especially if your Saturday is so lazy that you cannot pack a picnic.

We are all about keeping a waterproof blanket in the car for exactly this situation.

Bring a picnic blanket
Picnic Blanket by JJ Cole

The playground includes a swing set with two bench swings and a basket swing; a climbing structure with a slide for 2-5-year-olds; a more challenging climbing structure with ropes for older children; and a steep metal slide. There is a sand play area, too.

playground slide and climbing structure
Strawberry Creek Playground | Photo: Heather Flett

Strawberry Creek Playground, City of Berkeley

Strawberry Creek Playground
Bring sandbox toys to enjoy this part of the playground
strawberry creek park playground
Playground updated 2020 | Photo: Whitney Moss
Strawberry Creek Playground has a cafe inside Berkeley
This metal slide carved into the hillside is hecka fast for small ones | Photo: Whitney Moss

Sure, Frog Park has College Avenue and Live Oak Park has North Shattuck, but this location offers access to coffee inside the park perimeter.

Hidden Cafe will hook you up with coffee, seasonal salads, and tacos. They sell snacks such as banana chips and other dry goods items. Let’s stay tuned to see what they come up with for the playground guests!

There is a terrace with bistro tables, indoor seating, and of course, a huge square of grass on which you can spread a blanket.

hidden cafe strawberry creek park
View of the grassy field from inside Hidden Cafe (interior closed temporarily for COVID-safety)
Strawberry Creek Park in Berkeley is perfect with a preschooler
Strawberry Creek offers easy access for stream-stomping.

Find more creeks to stomp in >>

If you frequently head out on playground-seeking adventures with a preschooler, treat yourself to lunch at Hidden Cafe.

cafe doorway in a park
Look for the Hidden Cafe | Photo: Heather Flett

Find Strawberry Creek Park Playground and Cafe

Strawberry Creek Park is one block south of University Ave on Addison. Also accessed where Allston deadends right after Bonar. Strawberry Creek Park has no relation to Strawberry Canyon Pool. Keep exploring to find basketball courts and a public bathroom.

Website >

Cyclists and strollers can use the West Street path to navigate into the park.

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