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Worth the Drive: Inflatable Aqua Park Playground near Sacramento

Wake Island Waterpark is an enormous waterpark with floating obstacle courses, sandy beaches, thrilling challenges, wakeboarding lessons, and all sorts of amusements to leave you wet and exhausted. About 90 miles from the East Bay, your time in the car will vary a LOT depending on traffic. The Aqua Park opens May 20 for the 2023 season, with other attractions opening Memorial Day Weekend.

child in water with beach and inflatable water sports obstacle course
Approaching the aqua park with inflatable obstacles from the beach | Photo: Emmie Johnson

While I’m hesitant to raise the bar for fun so high that my kids can no longer enjoy a grassy field or a rustic lake, I am DYING to go to Wake Island Watersports Park in the Sacramento area and play in their floating playground, AQUA PARK.

I think this is a case of pictures being worth a thousand words.

Inflatable Aqua Park
Overhead view of the inflated obstacle course in 2019. It changes each year | Photo: Wake Island



Our Sacramento-based friend Emmie, mom of two boys, tells us, “What you’re seeing here is a swim area, paddle boarding lagoon, and Aqua Park. There’s another area that’s got cables for wakeboarding. It’s a really neat place. The beaches are free, and the prices for everything else are reasonable. It would be worth a day trip from the Bay for sure.”

There is a height requirement of 48 inches for activities. With full-time lifeguards, it’s fun and safe for the entire family. Everyone must wear a life jacket, provided on-site if needed.

Similar experience, but closer to the 510: Walnut Creek’s Heather Farm Park Pool >

Plan your day to Wake Island and the Aqua Park

The various activities at Wake Island in Pleasant Grove are priced individually to account for different skill and thrill levels (for those over 48″). Pre-booking is strongly suggested.

Price: 45 minutes on the Aqua Park is $20 on weekdays; $34 on weekends. Second sessions the same day are discounted by $5. Access to the beach is included with Aqua Park. Parents or little siblings who visit the beach without buying Aqua Park access will pay $10.

Location: About 90-minutes from Berkeley at 7633 Locust Rd. Pleasant Grove, CA 95668

[top photo, courtesy of Emmie Johnson; other photos, Wake Island Watersports Park website]

Book in advance on the Website >

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