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Worth the drive: Inflatable Aqua Park playground near Sacramento

Wake Island Watersports Aqua Park

While I’m hesitant to raise the bar for fun so high that my kids can no longer enjoy a grassy field or a rustic lake, I am DYING to go to Wake Island Watersports Park in the Sacramento area and play in their floating playground, AQUA PARK.

I think this is a case of pictures being worth a thousand words.

Inflatable Aqua Park



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Our Sacramento-based friend Emmie, mom of two boys, tells us, “What you’re seeing there is a swim area, paddle boarding lagoon, and Aqua Park. There’s another area that’s got cables for wake boarding. It’s a really neat place. The beaches are free, the prices for everything else are reasonable. It would be worth a day trip from the Bay for sure.”

There is a height requirement of 48 inches.

  • With full-time lifeguards, it’s fun and safe for the entire family. Everyone must wear a life jacket, provided on-site if needed.

PRICE: 45 minutes on the Aqua Park is $20 on weekdays; $25 on weekends. Second sessions the same day are discounted by $5. Access to beach is included with Aqua Park. Parents or little siblings who visit the beach without buying Aqua Park access will pay $10.

LOCATION: About 90-minutes from Berkeley at 7633 Locust Rd. Pleasant Grove, CA 95668


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top photo, courtesy of Emmie Johnson; other photos, Wake Island Watersports Park website

Similar experience, but closer to the 510: Walnut Creek’s Heather Farm Park Pool

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