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Sold Out: Autumn Lights Festival near Lake Merritt

From October 14-16, the Gardens at Lake Merritt will be lit up at night. Come, take a stroll and enjoy the magic.

Berkeley Totlot: George Florence Park

George Florence Park Profile: Playground With Huge Grass Area in West Berkeley

The tot lot is fully enclosed with a fence, so it’s a great place for keeping an eye on multiple toddlers or bringing your preschooler when you have a new baby in tow.

cafe doorway in a park

Best Idea Ever: A Playground with Coffee in Berkeley

With ample parking, a huge field, a creek to explore, a playground, and now, a cafe onsite, Strawberry Creek Park is a perfect destination.


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Boating on Lake Merritt

What to Expect at the Lake Merritt Boating Center

I lived next to Lake Merritt for two years and have lived in the East Bay for 16 since then, but this weekend was my …

theater class with children

Theater & Performing Arts Classes for Kids in the East Bay

Looking for musical theater or acting classes for kids or teens? Here are the Oakland, Berkeley, and Alameda programs that let kids take the stage.

Water Lantern Festival Oakland

Water Lantern Festival Comes to Oakland in April, 2022

Launch your own eco-friendly lantern into the Bay at Oakland’s Water Lantern Festival on April 30, 2022.


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Go to a Cal football game & 98 things to do this summer

Tips for Taking Kids to Cal Football Games

Here are some tips to help kids enjoy Cal football games and surrounding festivities, so you can make it through the whole game whine-free

Mother and son camping in a tent

New Family Campground in the East Bay: Dumbarton Quarry Campground on the Bay

Located at the foot of Dumbarton Bridge in Fremont, the campsite, while urban, includes access to trails in Coyote Hills Regional Park and Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge.

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