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Favorite Bay Area Donuts and Doughnuts

I don’t care how you spell it, there’s one thing we can all agree on – they are goooood. From El Cerrito to Downtown Oakland to San Francisco, here are our favorite Bay Area donuts (and doughnuts!):

Happy Donuts San Pablo

Donut Time at El Cerrito Plaza I found this place on a whim, and it’s just so cute I think it deserves a special mention. Nothing frilly here, just good ol’ fashion goodness. Grab a glazed and sit in their spacious back booth on a rainy day.

Favorite East Bay donuts: Donut Time

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in Pinole, Concord, and Fremont Take a field trip to see a miniature donut factory in action – hot donuts right of the presses kids! Can’t beat that freshness anywhere. Rumor has it they were giving free donuts to vaccinated folx. Let us know if it works!


Making Waves ad

Favorite East Bay donuts: Krispy Kreme

Pepples Donut Farm on San Pablo, North Oakland You have probably had one of Pepples’ donuts at one of our favorite coffee shops, but there’s no better place to eat a Pepples donut than the real deal. With flavors like lemon poppyseed, matcha green tea, and orange creamsicle, you can’t just try one. Plus they are vegan, which makes them healthy, right?

rainbow unicorn donut
Unicorn donut at Rainbow Donut | Photo: Whitney Moss

Rainbow Donuts on San Pablo and University, Berkeley You can get extra cute donuts like the Cookie Monster or a unicorn for kids and savory bacon maple donut for yourself. They also have breakfast items and sandwiches.

Pepples Donut Farm and other favorite Bay Area Doughnuts

Bob’s Donuts in SF’s Nob Hill Yes, it’s in San Francisco, but if you are ever in need of a donut the size of your face, Bob’s Donuts is where it’s at. Their 10-inch glazed donut is not only big, it’s good too. You have to go, just so you can say you went. We always take our out-of-town guests to Bob’s; we’ve decided it’s actually cooler than the traditional Golden Gate Bridge crossing for visitors!



Donuts with a view from Dynamo Donuts San Francisco

Dynamo Donuts in the SF Marina Another San Francisco favorite, but if you go here, you can actually see the Golden Gate Bridge. Enjoy your maple bacon donut with a view, they serve a pretty good cup of coffee too.

And sometimes you just want a dozen warm, glazed, sticky, pink box of doughnuts without all the frills. That’s where your friendly neighborhood joint comes in. You know the one that always throws in the extra munchkins, only takes cash, and is open 24 hours? Yes, that one. Here are the ones we’ve taste-tested, approved, and keep going back to –  Dream Fluff DonutsHappy Donuts, and King Pin Donuts – but we know there are so. many. more.

Tell us, where do you get your donut fix? Or is it doughnut?

[Photo Credit: Anna Azimi and Whitney Moss as noted]


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9 thoughts on “Favorite Bay Area Donuts and Doughnuts”

  1. I’ve been to all of the East Bay donut shops you’ve listed, but for the money Dick’s Donuts near the High St./MacArthur intersection is the best donut shop Oakland has to offer. Their donuts are always light on the inside, have a lovely texture on the outside, and are priced better than the other donut shops. Their glazed donuts, twists, and donut holes have a nice, subtle cinnamon flavor which I haven’t found at other East Bay donut shops. One would never expect Dick’s to be so good, given that it’s located in a strip mall, but it was one of the best surprises I discovered while living in Oakland.

    1. I agree. Dicks is amazing. Warm fresh donuts. Bring cash. No cards accepted. Also, go early. A lot of flavors are gone by 9 am.

  2. I would add Johnny’s Donuts on San Rafael. You can find their truck at the El Cerrito Off the Grid and Marin Country Mart on Saturdays.

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  6. Nobody beats Dream Fluff Donuts on Ashby at College Ave in Berkeley! Homemade, organic donuts in the cutest old sodashop setting you’ve ever seen. They’re the best we’ve ever tasted!

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