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Birthday party activity: Stuffed Bear Parties

Add another cool idea to the list of mobile birthday party trucks bringing the party to you: Stuffed Bear Party brings all the equipment, materials, and know-how for your party guests to create their own stuffed animal.

Stuffed Bear birthday parties based out of San Ramon

How it works

The staff at Stuffed Bear Party bring a miniature stuffed animal factory to your chosen location including display racks of pre-assembled animal outsides and a stuffing machine.

Kids don’t need any special sewing skills; instead, they make all the choices and watch as their new friend takes shape; they can step on the pedal to blow the stuffing into their stuffie. Parties are fun for children as young as one-year-old (where adults do all the choosing) to about age ten with the recommended age range of 4 to 8.

Custom birth certificates can be made on the spot. Rain or shine.

What parents provide

Stuffed Bear birthday parties based out of San Ramon
You need room to set up the assembly line with access to a power outlet and for kids to move around — whether that’s in a patio area or large living room. Stuffed Bear’s team will want easy access to roll in the stuffing machine and display racks.

Host parents still provide all the decor, food, desserts, and any other party activities. If it’s at your house, you still need to tidy up!

What it costs and other logistics

Stuffed Bear birthday parties based out of San Ramon
Package prices are based on a 15″ stuffed animal plus outfit for $30 per participant. The minimum order is $360 plus some travel expenses charged per mile from San Ramon.

Not surprisingly, the younger the kids are the longer it takes. An average size party of about 10 to 12 kids takes about 90 minutes with set-up and tear down taking 30 minutes.

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