Chocolate and Chalk Art Festival - 510 Families
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Chocolate and Chalk Art Festival

The sidewalks along North Berkeley’s Shattuck Avenue around Cedar Street will be bursting with color during the CHOCOLATE & CHALK ART FESTIVAL on Saturday, June 19, 2021. Come to watch or come to play.

Family chalking the sidewalks at Berkeley Chocolate and Chalk Art Festival 2017
Everyone is invited to chalk the sidewalks at Berkeley Chocolate and Chalk Art Festival

MAKE ART! With no fees to artists, areas of sidewalk are assigned for you to create your own fanciful chalk drawings. The theme for this year is “Art Sparks Joy.” Families or groups may work together, artists may work alone, but everyone comes away with a sense of pride in their work for all to see. Winners are notified after the event.

A CHALK ART CONTEST for the best drawing will be judged after 4 PM. The top three winners will receive cash prizes ($150/$100/$50). Ten runners up get a $25 gift certificate from Books, Inc. Winners will be notified by Wednesday after the event. To see what you’re up against, check out the previous winners in the chalk art gallery.

EAT CHOCOLATE! This year, due to COVID, no formal tasting menu or tickets will be produced. Local businesses will be offering special chocolate treats and gift items for sale. Follow the North Shattuck Assn. @NOSHABerkeley for the list.

Berkeley Chocolate and Chalk Art Festival 2017
Berkeley Chocolate and Chalk Art Festival 2017

Food tickets are non-refundable and all tasty treats are served “to go” to keep the event moving. You can eat as you enjoy the creative sidewalk art. If you end up with extra tickets and all the goodies are gone, you can drop them in for raffle prizes at participating shops.


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HAVE FUN! Free Entry, Box of Chalk is $10. Presented by North Shattuck Association.

Boy with chalk on his hands
Get covered in chalk or bring gloves

[All photos provided by Lisa Bullwinkel]

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