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Together Wee Play: Drop-in Play in Berkeley

On a recent rainy morning, I took my daughter to Together Wee Play at Berkeley’s James Kenney Recreation Center. The free, drop-in play site offered her lots of options for stimulating and creative play. I enjoyed the dry space and new-to-us toys, plus no fees.

Drop in play in Berkeley
Kids 4 and younger can play indoors on rainy days | Photo: Maureen Burke

Together Wee Play is a play program held by the Berkeley Recreation Department four mornings a week: Mondays and Wednesdays indoors at James Kenney Recreation Center, and Tuesdays and Thursdays outdoors at the basketball courts at San Pablo Park. There is no cost to participate and registration is not required. Simply sign in at the table and begin playtime!

The city provides age-appropriate toys and activities, such as scooters, coloring, balls, a kiddie basketball hoop, and magnifying glasses. The space is open to children ages four or younger, plus a guardian. Everyone plays together in the space.

This is a wonderful option for families who seek a recurring and affordable playtime option that’s a little something extra than the playground. It’s unstructured, but little ones may prefer the chance to roam and explore the variety of toys. Caregivers may appreciate the indoor space at James Kenney Park during rainy or cold weather.

Toddler indoor playtime
Play with all the things | Photo: Maureen Burke

The Bottom Line on Together Wee Play in Berkeley

This play space is for kids 4 and younger. Families can drop in at no cost. Masks are required for the indoor option at this time. The fall 2022 session runs through mid-December but should pick up again after the holidays in January for a spring session. Caregiver supervision is required; one adult per three children. Rain or poor air quality may cancel the outdoor event; check the website for more info or call 510-981-5150.

Drop in indoor playtime
Free play for tots in Berkeley | Photo: Maureen Burke

Plan your visit to Together Wee Play in Berkeley

James Kenney Recreation Center

Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:30 -11 am
Location: Inside the recreation center at 1720 Eighth Street, Berkeley
Cost: Free

San Pablo Park

Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30 -11 am
Location: Outdoor basketball courts at 2800 Park Street, Berkeley
Cost: Free

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