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El Cerrito Splash Park: Summer Hours

El Cerrito Splash Park is open! Woohoo! If you have little ones under the age of 6 who love scampering around in water for a few hours, the El Cerrito Splash Park is the place to be. Drop-in hours are back and capacity limits are lifted. The best part of this splash park is that toddlers and little kids can enjoy playing in the water pretty much independently, so parents don’t even have to get wet if they don’t want to!

child playing in water park
The water is kinda cold, so the dumping water feature is super shocking and exciting | Photo: Julie Herson

For parents of little ones who are not comfortable at a pool, the splash pad will provide an opportunity for safe, wet fun without anxiety. There aren’t many spray parks in the area; it’s a feature more commonly found deeper in the suburbs. So this is a unique opportunity for a different type of water play at a nearby public pool.

Plan Your Visit to El Cerrito Splash Park

The Splash Park section of the El Cerrito Swim Center is at the back end of the center and is completely fenced in. There’s grass surrounding the splash pad, so bring along a blanket to lay out and set up camp. There’s some shade from surrounding trees, but shade is harder to find when it gets busy. So bring hats and sunscreen for sure.

kid running through water
Lots of screeching with joy running around the El Cerrito Splash Park | Photo: Julie Herson

The water is pretty chilly and it’s not always super hot in El Cerrito, so be sure to bring cozy towels and a change of clothes for when your kids’ lips start to turn blue.

Pro Tip: The recommended age for the Splash Park is 6 and under, but I asked the front desk and they said older kids are allowed, too. Big kids just need to be aware of the little ones. So if you have mixed-aged kids, it’s okay to bring the whole brood.


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What to bring:

  • beach blanket
  • hats, sunscreen, swim shirts
  • goggles
  • towels
  • snacks
  • Water shoes — the splash pad is concrete
  • water toys
child running in splash park
We had the splash park to ourselves on a weekday afternoon | Photo: Julie Herson

El Cerrito Splash Park Details

Currently Posted Hours: (always subject to change)

Monday-Thursday 12:30 pm-7 pm
Friday 10 am-7 pm
Saturday and Sunday 9:30 am-7 pm

If you’re interested in Family Swim in the pool area, check their hours here >>


As of July 18, 2021, you may drop in at the splash park for $4 during Splash Park only times. Family Swim in the pool area is a separate price/time and not to be combined with the Splash Park anymore.


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You can also buy a 10-Punch Pass for $27 Residents, $34 Non-Residents. Passes are available for purchase online by clicking “Passes”


Easy free parking in the lot out front. Overflow free parking on neighborhood streets.

Bathrooms and changing areas are available by the main pool.

east bay splashpad
El Cerrito Splash Park | Photo: Whitney Moss


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8 thoughts on “El Cerrito Splash Park: Summer Hours”

  1. My daughter and I went once; she’s 2, and she absolutely loved it. She was shivering and freezing cold, but would go running back for more after taking short breaks under a towel.
    My only “complaint” is that it costs $2 — we moved here from Texas where these splash parks are the norm at parks and are FREE:)

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