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U-Pick Strawberries at George’s Berry Farm in Brentwood

As of 2022, George’s Berry Farm is not open. The article that follows is from 2021.

U-Pick fruit season is warming up in Brentwood! If your family loves picking fruit outside under the warm sunshine and doesn’t mind a bit of drive, George’s Berry Farm in Brentwood is now open on the weekends for U-Pick strawberries. I went with my family over a recent weekend and everyone enjoyed the excitement of trying the find the perfect strawberry. Just be sure to get there early or else you may get turned away.

Found! Strawberries aplenty, if you get there early enough… | Photo: Julie Herson

George’s Berry Farm Strawberries

George’s Berry farm is about an hour’s drive from the East Bay. It’s owned by the Three Nunns Farm of pumpkin maze fame. Check their Instagram page for up-to-date information on open days and times. They’re generally open at 9 am, and close when they sell out. On the day we went, we arrived around 10 am and didn’t have to wait in line (we heard there was a line at 9 am when they opened).

A beautiful morning for berry picking! | Photo: Julie Herson

We were able to find several pounds of nicely ripened strawberries, though they did end up selling out at around 11 am that day. Word is, as the days get longer and the crop gets stronger there will be more strawberries to be had, so be aware.

When you arrive you’ll drive down a dirt path and park in a dirt parking lot. Then you’ll grab a few buckets from the stand and you’re off! The price is $3 per pound and you can pay with cash or card.

Pro tip: Be sure to ask which rows have the best crop on that day.

Always looking for the perfect strawberry |Photo: Julie Herson

Parents should know:

  • Check Instagram for updates before going!
  • There is no shade. Even at 10 am, we were in full sun.
  • There are no tables for snacks or lunch.
  • It’s more of a U-Pick-pay-and-leave type experience.
  • There are several portable potties and sinks for washing hands available.
  • There’s also plenty of space for social distancing.
  • Masks on!

Plan your visit to George’s Berry Farm Strawberries

Location: Old Marsh Creek Road, Brentwood (Near the corner of Vasco Road and “New” Marsh Creek Road)
Open Times: Saturdays 9 am – 2 pm or until they sell out. We repeat: check Instagram for updates before going! Times will change based on supply.
Cost: $3 per pound. Cash or card accepted.

George’s Berry Farm in Brentwood | Photo: Julie Herson

Keep your eye out for more U-Pick fruit picking coming soon! Cherries are up next, and then other stone fruits in the summer. Yum!

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