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Summer Stone Fruit & Peach Picking in the Bay Area

The time is ripe for picking perfect peaches, amazing apricots, plump plums, and nectarous nectarines in the East Bay! We’ve put together a list of farms with U-Pick options for stone fruit, though of course always call the hotlines and check social media ahead of time as the farms open and close depending on fruit availability and conditions. The 2023 Season opens for many farms on Memorial Day Weekend, and some even a week earlier depending on the weather.

Thank you to our sponsor, Farmers Daughter Produce Stand & U-Pick, still open daily in Brentwood from 9 am to 6 pm for U-pick fruit. No reservations are required.

child eating peaches
Caroline enjoys her fresh haul of peaches | Photo: Katie

Bay Area Peach, Apricot, Nectarine, Plum Picking

farm with playground
Farmers Daughter playground and picnic area with porch swing | Photo: Harvest Time

The Farmer’s Daughter Produce and U-Pick Farm

Farmer’s Daughter Produce Stand & U-Pick has specialized in stone fruit for almost 40 years and has many varieties to choose from! You can pick your own or they will do the picking for you. Some favorites: Peaches (Summer Sweet White, Red Top Yellow, Red Haven Yellow, Elegant Lady, Cling, O’Henry); Blenheim Apricots, Santa Rosa Plums, Pluots, Apples, and Yellow Nectarines. The farm stand offers freshly harvested vegetables, berries, lavender, honey, and an abundance of local farm products. Check their website or Social Media @farmersdaughterproduce for the most current updates and to learn more about farm events. The farm stand and newly renovated picnic area with playground are open daily.

Summer Sundays: From July 9 through August 20, come to the farm for live music and other family-friendly activities.

The Farmer’s Daughter Produce Stand & U-Pick has been open in Brentwood since 1985. They are open every day May 27 through early August for U-Pick and Pre-Picked produce.
Location: 23151 Marsh Creek Rd, Brentwood (NW corner of Walnut Blvd. and Marsh Creek Rd. intersection) – look for the big red barn.
Phone: (925) 634-4827
Now open daily from 9 am to 6 pm.
No reservations are required.
Website >>

Farmers Daughter peach and red barn
Find the freshest stone fruit near the big red barn in Brentwood | Photo: Hailey Nunn for Farmers Daughter

Pomeroy Farm, Brentwood

OPEN in mid-May for Cherries and in June with Apricots, Peaches, and Cherries. We visited and it wasn’t crowded and there were a lot of apricots!
Available Stone Fruit: It is hard to keep up with the bounty this season: Apricots (Patterson and Westley), Nectarines (Diamond Ray, Sparkling May, Sparkling June), Peaches (Yellow, Babcock Blush “White”, Flavorcrest, Galaxy UFO “White”, Red Top Earirich, Sierra Gem, Springcrest, Summer Flame), and Royal White Rainier Cherries.
Remember: Bring Cash!
No reservations are necessary. Beat the heat & come early! Open 8 am to 3 pm on weekends.
Location: 3 locations in Brentwood: 1600 Eureka Avenue, 22501 Marsh Creek Road, and 1755 Payne Avenue.
Update hotline 925-634-7712
Website >>

Apricot Picking in Brentwood
Pomeroy Farm had plenty of apricots, though not many low-hanging fruit left for little hands | Photo Credit: Julie Herson

Moffatt Ranch, Brentwood

Location: 1870 Walnut Blvd, Brentwood
Update Hotline: (925) 634-3049:
Mid-May for Cherries; June to mid-August for Peaches, Nectarines: 9 am to 5 pm
Available Stone Fruit: Picked & U-Pick Freestone Peaches: Flavorcrest, Suncrest, Fay, Elberta, Elegant Lady and O’Henry, Nectarines: Fantasia, Arctic Jay, and July Red. All fruit is $2 per pound.
No Reservations are needed. Call ahead for ripeness and availability. Bring containers.
Check Facebook for updates.

McKinney Farms, Brentwood

Location: 25221 Marsh Creek Rd, Brentwood
Update Hotline: (925) 634-7830
Available Stone Fruit starting in late May and June: Snow Bright white peaches, Artic Sweet white nectarines, and yellow nectarines. $3 per pound. Typically closes in August.
No reservation is necessary.
Website >>

AIRAYA U-Pick Farm, Brentwood

Location: 25221 Marsh Creek Rd. Brentwood
Update Hotline: (408)-515-5878
Available Stone Fruit: Apricots from late May to early July, Pluots from mid-June to mid-August, Peaches from June to mid-August (sometimes earlier). They will be open for UPick starting mid-May for the 2023 season, for Peaches and Apricots. They charge $10 admission/car & purchases of $25 or more get the admission fee back. They have lots of parking, free bags, and the cost is $4 per pound. for all fruit. Check their harvest calendar here>>
No reservations are necessary.
Website >>

Caroline picks peaches at Urban Edge Farm | Photo: Katie Graceffa

Urban Edge Farm, Brentwood

The Urban Edge Farm is home to an orchard with a wide range of seasonal varieties, including cherries, peaches, apricots, plums, pluots, nectarines, citrus, pomegranates, persimmons, and figs. Most of the fruit is available during the season by U Pick or in the farm store. When we visited, there were plenty of peaches available, but again, not a ton at low levels for little kids. You can also call ahead and order for pick-up. We went early morning, and we had the orchard to ourselves. Hoping to open in mid-May for the 2023 UPick season for apricots, and Memorial Day Weekend for peaches. Check their Instagram for updates.
Location: 2017 Walnut Blvd, Brentwood
Update Hotline: (925)-634-4400
No reservation is necessary.
Website >>

Cloverfield Organic Farm, El Sobrante

This sweet little local organic farm is a great option for U-Pick fruit and veggies if you don’t want to trek all the way out to Brentwood. Read more about our visit to Cloverfield Farm here. Give them a call before you head out to check what they’re offering for UPick that day. They generally always have something available.
Address: 501 La Paloma Rd, El Sobrante in the East Bay hills
Phone: (510) 253-8859
Email:, No Reservation Required.
Website >>

Bacchini’s Fruit Tree, Brentwood — Closed for the Season

Location: 2010 Walnut Blvd, Brentwood
Update hotline: (925) 634-3645
Available Fruit: Cherries in late May; Apricots, Apriums, Blackberries (Olallie), White Peaches & Nectarines, Pluots, Walnuts, Loquats, and Honey in June and beyond. Check their website for updates as they close some days to allow the fruit to ripen. *Bonus* they have a low tree, perfect for toddlers and little kids.  Their Instagram feed is the best way to find out what’s ripe and when they’re open. Reservations are required, which you can get here >
Website >>

Wolfe Ranch Peaches, Brentwood

This family-run farm has been growing apricots since 1937 and offers U-Pick white peaches around mid to late May through early June. U-Pick and Pre-picked Fay Elberta Peaches are ripe in late July or early August. Open for U-Pick White Peaches starting at the end of May for 2023, usually 9 am – 3 pm.
Location: 600 Eureka Avenue, Brentwood
Update Hotline: (925) 634-1308
No reservations are necessary.
Website >>

summer sundays promotional ad with music and fun for families

What to bring on your fruit-picking adventure:

Cash. Many of the farms are cash-only, though some may be practicing other touchless payment methods. You end up picking a lot just because it’s fun, though be mindful that it adds up. We easily spent $50++ at two farms. Prices are usually $2+ per pound.

Hat. The Bay Area’s summer marine layer doesn’t push into Brentwood, so you can expect sunny weather the majority of the time. Sunscreen is also a good idea.

Ice Chest. If you plan to extend your stay in Brentwood or the surrounding area, it’s a good idea to place your fruit in a chilled environment. On an average 85-degree day, car temperatures can exceed 130 degrees after an hour. If not bringing an ice chest, bring a box, large tote, or another container to bring your fruit home in. Note that for safety, you probably will have to leave your ice chest in the car.

Closed-toe shoes. Leave the sandals at home and bring a pair of old sneakers. This is especially important for small children. They’ll be walking in the dirt with potential hidden dangers (rocks, pits, etc).

Water. Summer in Brentwood is HOT! Afternoon temperatures can often exceed 95 degrees during the summer and you’ll want your family hydrated and refreshed to enjoy the experience of picking fruit together.

Peach Picking in Brentwood
Brentwood gets hot! So wear a hat and come early | Photo Credit: Julie Herson

Thank you again to our sponsor, Farmers Daughter Produce Stand & U-Pick. Check out their sweet playground on the farm. Open daily in Brentwood from 9 am to 6 pm. No reservations are required.

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