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Getting Sandy at Keller Beach in Richmond, CA

It’s not Maui, but my family was amazingly content on our four-hour vacation at Richmond’s Keller Beach. On the smaller side, this beach offers little kids the chance to get wet and sandy, while parents can lounge and enjoy the beautiful views.

Keller Beach is a short, toddler-friendly walk down from where you park | Photo: Julie Herson

There’s plenty of wet sand, ideal for building castles, digging ditches, and playing catch. There’s also plenty of dry sand for lounging and dispensing snacks. If you’re looking for shade, there are several trees where you can set up your blanket and watch your kiddos splashing in the surf.

The water is chilly, but kids never seem to mind | Photo: Julie Herson

The water is calm, albeit freezing, which didn’t stop my 4, 6 and 8-year olds from getting wet up to their waists and screeching with glee. We also saw several open water swimmers and paddle boarders enjoying the water farther out, and people jogging on and around the beach. Overall it was a chill, relaxed vibe at Keller Beach and we’ll for sure be back again since it’s so close and easy.

You can just see the Golden Gate Bridge peaking through the fog | Photo: Julie

Point Richmond has a lot to offer, from Fairy Houses to awesome kite flying. You can also ride your bikes around Miller/Knox and enjoy the spectacular views of the bay.

How to to Point Richmond:

From I-580 West in Richmond, exit at Canal Boulevard. Turn left at the light onto Canal. Turn right at the light onto W. Cutting Bl., then left at the stop sign onto Garrard Bl. Proceed through the auto tunnel; Garrard becomes Dornan Drive on the south side of the auto tunnel. The park entrance will be on the right less than 1/2 mile south of the tunnel.

Keller Beach is adjacent to a large regional park called Miller/Knox. If you’ve ever been through the tunnel near the Richmond public indoor swimming pool, you’ve been right there. To access the beach, park on Dornan Drive and walk down the stairs near the Keller Beach sign. Make use of the restrooms halfway down the stairs to avoid a trip back to them.

East Bay Beach: Keller Beach in Richmond

Plan your visit to Keller Beach

Check tides before you go: the water feels a bit fresher at the higher tide and there’s less seaweed. Also check the water quality conditions to avoid potential swimmer’s itch issues. Street parking is pretty easy and free, directly after the tunnel. Just make sure to bring valuables with you.

What to bring:

  • Sunscreen and hats
  • Beach toys and a kite
  • Layers since it can be windy
  • A change of clothes for little ones
  • A towel and baby powder to dust off sandy feet
  • Picnic blanket, chairs and lunch

Interested in more East Bay Beaches? Check out our guide to the Best Bay Area Beaches.

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3 thoughts on “Getting Sandy at Keller Beach in Richmond, CA”

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  2. Richard Randall

    In regards to the statement “Bring a picnic — there is no nearby source for food,” well, nearby, just before you go through the tunnel, you can turn right and find yourself in the historic Pt. Richmond downtown district. You can pick up your picnic there, either from one of the two little grocery stores, Santa Fe Market or Point Richmond Market, that later having a deli counter, Little Louie’s Deli, or a number of other restaurants that have take-out, or a great hamburger from Great American!

    1. Thank you, Richard. Yes, we suggest Point Richmond for food. My point about a nearby source for food was meant to explain that once you’ve settled in on the beach, you cannot walk to a concession stand.

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