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Sweet Hike: Fairy Houses Galore in Point Richmond

Many thanks to 510families reader Lydia B. for her hot tip about finding fairies in Little Point Richmond.

Little Point Richmond Fairy Villages You’ll Love

Point Richmond is a favorite destination for my family because it has so many terrific attractions to fill an afternoon. But I never knew about the magical fairy houses that make up Little Point Richmond of Washington Avenue. I took my four kids, ages 2 to 8 to check it out, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. My two-year old daughter was mesmerized with all the tiny details and my four- and six-year olds loved the thrill of the hunt. Even my eight-year old, who I thought might be too cool for school, got caught up in the novelty of it all.

Point Richmond Fairy House
The signage and detail of the fairy villages is not to be missed | Photo: Julie Herson

How to Get to Little Point Richmond

To find Little Point Richmond, head for the intersection of Washington Avenue and Nicholl Ave just past the downtown area of Point Richmond. Park anywhere in that area and start your stroll up the gentle hill of Washington Avenue. Keep your eyes peeled for the miniature little houses tucked artfully into the sides of trees or nestled cozily into lush flower beds. Make sure to peek inside by carefully opening the various doors and hatches. There are so many amazing details, from mailboxes with letters inside to little libraries and kitchens fully stocked.

Point Richmond Fairy House
A truly Little Library. My kids loved this one the most. | Photo: Julie Herson

You’ll want to be careful since the doors and houses are delicate works of art. I had to keep a close eye on my little ones’ hands to make sure they weren’t being too rough or trying to pick up any of the little fairy house accoutrements.

Point Richmond Fairy House
Surprises at every turn with doors and roofs revealing magical vignettes | Photo: Julie Herson

Since this is still the age of Coronavirus, I also brought hand sanitizer spray to clean everyone’s hands in between houses, and we were all wearing masks. We only saw one or two other people on our walk, so social distancing wasn’t much of an issue.


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Point Richmond Fairy House
A thoughtful fairy even left out some hand sanitizer with fairy dust | Photo: Julie Herson

After about about 30 minutes of exploring the fairy houses my youngest wanted a snack and my eldest wanted to go to the beach. My four- and six-year olds could have kept exploring for much longer. I feel like we just scratched the surface as far as noticing all the intricate details. It’s free, it’s outside and it’s close by, so what’s not to love? We’ll definitely be back sometime soon.

Fairy House Map
This is a pretty useful map provided by a particularly kind fairy | Photo: Julie Herson

We rounded out our Point Richmond adventure by taking our snack to Keller Beach just a few minutes drive through the tunnel. Point Molate is another great beach option in the area, with lots of sea glass and beach treasures to be found.

If your kids love the excitement of searching for hidden treasures like fairy houses, be sure to check out the gnomes in Oakland and the Fairy Gates Trail Hike in San Francisco.

Do you have any hot tips for fairy houses or other mystical creatures in your neighborhood?


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10 thoughts on “Sweet Hike: Fairy Houses Galore in Point Richmond”

  1. We went last weekend it was super fun. My 3 and 5 years old loved it. It inspired my older daughter to come make her own fairy house. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Hi Emily, So they’re more of a permanent exhibition, so they most likely won’t be taken down anytime soon. Have fun!

  2. I went with my daughter and son-in-law and 6-year-old grandson and we all absolutely loved it. My grandson was adamant that we not miss anything. And I have to admit that I was pretty excited myself! Thank you for this magical hike idea. We All really adored it!!!

  3. My husband is the architect and builder of all of the fairy houses on Washington Ave and most of them are tailored to the people who live in the houses along our street- i.e. the fairy library is in front of our neighbor who is a retired librarian. A new house or installation goes up about ever 1-2 months, so there are new things being added pretty regularly. We love our neighbors, our community and the joy it brings to everyone who comes to visit. We’re so happy you and your children enjoy coming to see our village.

  4. Gail, thank your husband for creating these incredible fairy houses. Each is unique. My grandkids want to see the fairy houses every time they visit. They get all excited when they see a new one!

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