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Discover Alameda Island Fairy Doors & Villages

Many thanks to 510families reader Rosemary for telling us about the fairies hiding out in Alameda.

You have to look down near your feet and ankles to find these sweet little fairy doors and small villages hiding in plain site in Alameda. A busy adult might not notice them at all, but a curious toddler will see them for the magic they are.

Once upon a time, Fred Hogenboom and his granddaughter, Serena, made beautiful little fairy doors and decorations and installed them in secret around the magical island of Alameda. Since then, lots of people have been making and finding these tiny treasures. He distributes printed maps of where to find them from his business, Fred's Wrenchouse.

fairy condo
Fairy condo complex in Alameda | Photo: Sonia Clerc

It is time to search for fairies, once again! We have discovered them in many places on Alameda Island, and each one is more delightful than the next. Unlike the dense concentration of tiny fairy homes in Little Point Richmond, these are spread out all around the island.

Alameda Fairy Door ‘Believe' on Haight Ave. between 4th St and 6th Street| Photo: Rosemary


The incredible Believe one above was discovered near Longfellow Park. Rosemary and her toddler saw about five or six during their hunt, but you may find more. New ones are being added all the time.

There is a wonderful community adding more Fairy Doors in Alameda

Alameda parents and lovers of fairies share creations of fairy magic and discoveries with each other via the Alameda Island Fairy Doors & More Facebook Group. Dale Yun created the Facebook group and keeps a printable map or fairy doors pinned on top of the page. The admins of the group, Ederlyn and Jeannie, have also built a Google Map with hearts marking the fairy doors. They encourage all of us to add more as we make them.

Alameda Fairy House
Alameda Fairy House | Photo: Rosemary

It is a community labor of love and magic. Joe Dalipe (Island Prints Express) would print the (PowerPoint) fairy door maps for free, and families could grab a hard copy to go hunting.

Ederlyn told me, “After the page was created, families would request doors in certain locations and they would magically appear, thanks to Fred! Jeannie is very artistic and has made many fairy doors that other families have purchased and put out for others to enjoy.”

Alameda Fairy Door
Alameda Fairy Door | Photo: Rosemary

To find the Alameda Fairy Doors

Follow along on this neighbor-generated google map

alameda fairy map google
Alameda Island fairy house google map | created by Alameda Island Fairy Doors & More Facebook Group


[All photos used with permission]

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