Rookie Moms challenge #7: Try postnatal yoga

I try to tell every new mother I encounter in the East Bay that if they accomplish one thing during their maternity leave, it should be attending a mom and baby yoga class at Yogalayam.  If your kiddo is beyond crawling and you’ve missed the boat, rest assured there is also toddler yoga you can enjoy.

Bonus points for anyone who tries three different venues before her baby turns one.

  1. The post-natal yoga class at Yogalayam includes infant massage and there are volunteers on hand to comfort fussy pre-crawlers.
  2. Heather found the Piedmont Yoga Studio first for a pre-natal workshop and tried the baby class with a friend. The class was fun and the teacher super supportive, but without all the volunteers of Yogalayam, she ended up doing a lot of baby soothing instead of downward dogging.
  3. I went to 4th Street Yoga’s postnatal class, and when I stopped to nurse, the instructor hooked me up with a magical pillow position that felt like nothing I could have dreamed. Note that this place is upstairs, so you might want to wear your baby in a carrier to get there. Just like Piedmont, there are many good walkable lunch spots to treat yourself.
  4. 7th Heaven Yoga sometimes has mommy’s helpers on hand to rock babies.
  5. The Berkeley Yoga Center (also upstairs) has a postnatal class once per week. I went to prenatal yoga there at 40 weeks pregnant and bragged that I wouldn’t be showing up the next week. Then there I was at 41 weeks pregnant, hoping to get things moving. (At 42 weeks, we headed for Alta Bates.)

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  1. Lauren says

    Just tried the postpartum class at Yogalayam today. It was incredible!!! I will definitely go back. It was an extremely positive experience for me and my six week old.


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