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Stand-Up Paddle Boarding in the East Bay (SUP)

Being in the water on your own floating device is an ideal socially distanced activity. We do live in the BAY Area, and most of us live just a short drive to the water! Here are places where you can get your family out for some paddling (SUP).

paddleboarding in alameda
Photo courtesy Mike’s Paddles

Stand-Up Paddleboarding Outfitters In The East Bay

Mike’s Paddle (Alameda)
Offers lessons, camps, and SUP board rental. If you fall in love, buy a paddleboard and store it in a locker on their dock for easy access whenever you want to hit the water. Ages 7+.
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California Kayak (Oakland)
For families with teens, lessons, and rental from a shop in Jack London Square. Minimum age 14.
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510-Waterline (Richmond)
(Covid-restricted) Activity is currently limited to “members” which means folks who pay a monthly fee for access to boards and the protected cove where 510-Waterline is located. Use a board as much as you want during your membership period. SUP classes and SUP yoga classes look like fun for physically skilled teens.
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Kite Naked (Benicia)
This is a rental option for folks who know what they want to do. Call in advance and make a plan with the owner Chris who will bring the boards to the location of your choice. He’ll make a recommendation, such as 9th Street Park which has a sandy beach entry in Benicia. Ages 8 and up.
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