How will you celebrate your PRIDE?

What an exciting time for PRIDE weekend in the Bay Area. There are fun festivities for families in the City (especially if you like to drag your toddler to a parade).
Pride FUN Run

Here are a few activities to pick:

6/22 through 6/29

Stay close to home and enjoy rainbow arts week at Habitot for your very small child.

34th Annual SFFR Fun Run on Saturday morning 6/29.

Children under 8 are encouraged to participate in a short run and play segment prior to the larger race starting near the Golden Gate Park Polo/Soccer Fields. The kids run will begin at the regular start line at 8:45 a.m., 15 minutes before the start. It is a 100 meter dash point to point from the starting arch. All runners receive a prize. Stick around to run yourself or make a bee-line to one of the playgrounds at GG park.

Collaborative Family Garden on Sunday 6/30.

While pushing a stroller through the throngs of merry-makers at the official SF PRIDE parade sounds too crazy for me, the collaborative family garden sounds welcoming and lovely to families of small children. The garden area is specifically closed to adults with no little ones so don’t separate yourself from your peeps if you want to enter.

Open from 11 to 4 on Sunday, expect community support and ample kids’ space. This is a safe, fun space for children, youth, and their LGBTQ parents/caregivers during the Pride celebration. Arts and crafts, games, face painting, screen printed t-shirts, and resources will be offered to LGBTQ families, and will be a blast for all, so be sure to stop by and check it out! Pre-register for this FREE event to avoid long lines.

What will you do to celebrate your PRIDE?

[Fun run photo from SFFR]

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