New Parkway, Baby Brigade & family movie updates

New Parkway in Oakland

After several months of family movie programming, the New Parkway is mixing things up. Here’s the nutshell version of what you need to know:

Baby Brigade
The 4:30 Monday Baby Brigade showing was recently dropped because of poor attendance. This is not surprising to us because co-parents can’t get home from work in time for this show. They are adding a mid-day Saturday Baby Brigade to make up for it.

The net net is two Baby Brigades each week:

  • Mondays at 6:30 (every week except the last Monday of each month)
  • Saturday afternoons at 12:30 or 1:00

Note: Babies are not required to gain admission to these showings, but they are welcome and FREE.

All ages and family shows
The New Parkway is an all ages theater now, so you can bring your kids at any time to anything other than an NC-17 showing. Even though some programming is tailored towards kids and parents with babies, you are welcome to come at any time.

Current and classic family programming is a priority, but as a second-run theater, things come when they come. So, don’t expect to see new releases on opening weekend.

Read more about the New Parkway’s amenities for families.

See what’s playing now at The New Parkway.

[Photo by Heather Flett]

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