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3 Places to Get a Kid’s Pedicure in the East Bay

We shared a photo on Instagram of a little girl enjoying a pedicure in a special child-sized spa chair and it became obvious from the enthusiastic comments that some families are super excited about the prospect of taking their little ones to a nail salon.

While any nail salon will likely take your child as a client, we discovered three in the East Bay that make it extra special.

Child's Manicure at Bougie Babies Nail Salon in Richmond
At Bougie Babies Nail Salon in Richmond | Photo: Michele Yuen

Nail Salons With Kid-Friendly Service

Bougie Babies (Richmond)

As of this writing, this upscale salon serves only children, ages 3-13, with a completely immersive mini-spa experience designed just for them. Our contributor, the dad behind @adventureswithathena, told us, “Recently I brought Athena in for a mani-pedi and she could not stop smiling.” There is a juice bar, tablets for entertainment, and many special touches that delight little customers.

🎈Bougie Babies, 1158 23rd St, Richmond, CA
Visit Bougie Babies online >

Little girl getting a pedicure at a children's nail salon in Richmond, CA
At Bougie Babies Nail Salon in Richmond | Photo @adventureswith.athena

Forever Beauty and Nails (Oakland)

With two butterfly chairs side-by-side, Forever Beauty and Nails is the perfect destination for a buddy pedicure. Our contributor Julia says the prices are reasonable and the experience is super.

🎈Forever Beauty and Nails, 3247 Lakeshore Ave, Oakland
Call to book: (510) 250-9299

Little girl getting a pedicure in Oakland nail salon
Forever Beauty and Nails | Photo courtesy @danielapbraide

Lavender Dreams (Walnut Creek)

The “Little Princess” service, for children (of all genders, we presume) under 9 is a manicure or pedicure or combo at a slightly reduced price.

🎈Lavender Dreams, 1510 N.California, Walnut Creek
Lavender Dreams website >

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