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{510} Family Faves with Beautiful Brown Adventures’ Angelica

Angelica (she/her), aka Jelly, is one half of the Beautiful Brown Adventures founding team. She is of Cebuano(Pilipinx)-descent and was born and raised in Huchiun Ohlone territory (right here in the East Bay Area–pay your Shuumi Land Tax!), where she also now resides with her partner and their five-year-old. She loves to spend her time sipping on boba and dirty chai lattes (sometimes simultaneously), and eating pescetarian goodies at BIPOC-owned cafes and restaurants.

mom and child eating a feast
Angelica and her child enjoy one of their favorite pastimes–eating! | Photo: Beautiful Brown Adventures

We’re excited to share Jelly’s East Bay family favorites today!

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in the East Bay and feel very lucky and privileged to call this place home. Despite the exorbitant housing prices, it offers diversity—in population, culture, and terrain—making it an ideal place for adventuring. I love that we’re a quick drive from the beach (Stinson is a favorite), the woods, wine country, and the mountains. Plus the food here is delicious, which is very important in my book!

Favorite place for one on one time with your child?

I’m a boba fiend (and have passed that trait on to my kid), so we love getting boba from Asha Tea House or Boba Guys, both with various locations in Oakland and the East Bay. I usually go for hojicha (roasted green tea), while my kid opts for the non-caffeinated strawberry milk.

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Amazing class your child has loved?

Through a connection via our former preschool (Escuelita del Bosque), my kid has been able to learn native Puerto Rican bomba y plena, which incorporates drumming, music, and song with improvisational dance. We love it! The instructors are phenomenal and we learn something new every session. This, and dance and music in general, is food for our souls.

child at beach with ukulele
Angelica’s child sticks a ukulele in the sand at a beach on O’ahu. | Photo: Lendl San Jose

How does music infuse your outings with children?

My partner, Lenny, is a rad ukulele musician and always acts like the pied piper whenever we get together with our friends and their kids. Here are his tips for bringing music along on every adventure with your littles!

Favorite family brunch spot?

We had a lovely time with my in-laws eating brunch at Mela Ethiopian Bistro. Their Ethiopian food is delicious, beautifully presented, and kid-approved. 35 Grand Avenue, Oakland

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Favorite Bay Area Day Trip?

So many awesome choices, but I’d have to go with Half Moon Bay, especially when it’s a bit too hot for comfort in the East Bay (it’s almost always 10 degrees cooler there!). During a recent heatwave, we escaped to Half Moon Bay to spend time at the beach and go strawberry picking. Our friend has also recommended tide-pooling there, which is next on our list.

Favorite International Trip with Kids?

As my child usually responds, “All of them!”. My best friend, Angelina, and I created Beautiful Brown Adventures to celebrate international travel and cultural appreciation with our families, as well as to share our experiences as women of color. We do our best to be intentional about antiracist principles while traveling with our little ones. With the privilege of travel comes great responsibility, and every trip is an opportunity to learn and advocate for social justice. The pandemic may have slowed down our pace of traveling but not our passion. Find our tips and itineraries for Paris with children, London with little kids, and a family-friendly week in Mexico City.

Big thanks to Angelica for sharing her local and international favorites here today. Find more of her writing on Beautiful Brown Adventures or here on 510families.com, where she and Angel have joined our team of writers. 

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