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A zip-line tour of the East Bay

I have high hopes that by posting this, I will discover more ziplines because you all will share your secret zipline gems with me. Do you know more playgrounds that feature them?

1. Adventure Playground in Berkeley. Located near the Berkeley Marina, in the midst of a city-run playground that offers paint and tools to children to use while there, this zipline looks like it was built by the kids from The Sandlot. Kids climb up a platform, hold on, and take a speedy ride into a pile of dirt. The crash can be intimidating, but most kids seem to think it’s worth the thrill. The zipline is available to kids 6 and up. Price: Free.
160 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94710

Zipline at East Bay Playground
San Ramon Park Zipline

2. Rancho San Ramon Community Park in San Ramon. This is a fabulous playground with a diverse assortment of climbing equipment, including a sleek zipline that is welcoming to kids as young as three, with assistance. For folks in the 510, the drive may be long, but parking is a dream and the bathroom is clean. Price: Free.
2000 Rancho Park Loop Rd San Ramon, CA 94582

3. Kids Gym in Berkeley. This indoor play space is accommodating for all kids, inclusive of disabilities, both visible and invisible. The swing room is heavenly and the short zipline drops riders into a small foam pit. Best for kids 8 and under. Price: Admission to We Rock the Spectrum is $12 for kids; no charge for adults.
2920 Seventh Street, Berkeley California 94710


Bigtime Ziplining in the Bay Area

Real ziplines, like the kind that take you through the Costa Rican rainforest canopies, are located in Sonoma (for kids 10 and up who weigh at least 70 lbs) and at Moaning Cavern Cave Adventure Park (where kids of any age can tandem zipline if they don’t weigh 70 lbs).

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