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What to do with a three-year old in the Bay Area

Fun things to do with a toddler or young preschooler in the Bay Area. We’ve rounded up all the best stuff to do with a three-year old in the East Bay and beyond. Need tips on area museums and fun destinations? You’re welcome!

Three-year olds guides to fun stuff in the Bay Area #preschoolers #510families

Pushing a baby through a museum is all about the YOU with occasional pit stops to feed or change your companion. But a two- or three-year old? They have very strong opinions about where you go and what you do. I wanted to create a guide to fun places in the Bay Area for preschoolers to help parents navigate the many awesome attractions from their level:

Do you  have an opinionated three-year old? If so, I’d love for you to add to the body of knowledge available to other parents.

Three-year olds guides to fun stuff in the Bay Area #preschoolers #510families


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6 thoughts on “What to do with a three-year old in the Bay Area”

  1. My three year old loves the Oakland museum. We have not yet been to many children’s museums but e likes the interactive aspects of the exhibits at the OMCA and the jazz musicians that play in the cafe.

    Also we visit the Gardens at Lake Merritt a lot and e likes it as much as nearby Fairyland. It is a great spot to explore and have a picnic.

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  3. Our kids also LOVE the Oakland Museum of California and you can easily extend your visit to the area if you include a walk around the lake and a stop for cookies and pizza at Arizmendi :). Everything in Tilden seems to be a hit with our toddlers (the botanical gardens, lake anza, little farm, inspiration point) as well as hiking at the Redwood Regional Park in the Oakland Hills since there is a creek and tons of fallen trees to walk on.

  4. Another great outing is Jack London! You can check out the ships and cranes. Loud trains go by frequently. Have a delicious lunch at Authentic Bagel (bagel dogs are a hit with kids). And for a real adventure, rent a kayak and paddle over to Alameda to see the cool and colorful houseboats (one hour rental includes toddler life vests)!

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