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Delicious Strawberry U-Pick at Blue House Farm

We had a beautiful outing in Pescadero and picked the most delicious strawberries. Depending on the time of year, you can pick berries, apples, or pumpkins at the same place. We’ll be back.

Note: U-Pick for 2022 is not yet open.

strawberries in the field
Sun ripened and still warm | Photo: Jordan Latham

This past weekend we drove down to Half Moon Bay in search of U pick strawberries. 11 miles up Highway One in San Gregorio, we felt super lucky to find Blue House Farm with giant fields of ripe, organic strawberries. Opened in 2005, Blue House Farm is on 60 gorgeous acres of sweet-smelling farmland. The whole property is so pretty, even the barn.

We arrived at 3:30 on Sunday and had no issue finding a parking spot in the lot. Their website says midday is the busiest time and if the lot is full, they ask you to return later and try again.

covid safety at the farm
Sign with Covid safety instructions at Upick entrance | Photo: Jordan Latham

There’s a big sign and a sink at the entrance to the field that instructs everyone to wear their masks and wash their hands. Then you can grab a complimentary box and head out to find perfectly ripe berries.

Let me tell you, once you are out in those fields with the scent of warm strawberries and the sounds of birds, the sun combined with cool coastal breeze; you can momentarily let that pandemic stress go. It’s so serene and peaceful. The kids can run around, it’s safe open space, you don’t have to hover and worry they’ll get too close to someone, or, heaven forbid, sneeze!

My five-year old chased grasshoppers and forgot to pick any berries at all. He loved every second of our farm outing. Meanwhile, my three-year old ate all of her strawberries as she picked them and didn’t understand why her box was always empty.

picking berries with kids at blue house farm
Wondering why her box is empty if she’s been working so hard | Photo: Jordan Latham

It’s a truly relaxing vibe, and let’s be real, that’s ridiculously hard to come by these days.

There were probably five other families out picking berries, and we never came near each other because of all of that glorious, wide open space.

These are stressful times. Folks with little kids are in a tough spot, you gotta keep them safe but you can’t lock them in a box. Take them to Blue House Farm and breathe some of that fresh air!

Parent tips for berry picking at Blue House Farm

The coastal weather can be cool and windy. We hit the jackpot on the most perfect temperature and early evening sunlight.

There is no shade, plan to have both hats and layers.

If you stick to the outskirts of the rows of produce you could easily maneuver a sturdy stroller or a wagon.

There are a handful of wooden picnic tables that would be a great spot to enjoy a snack and take in the view.

There was a porta potty I could waddle my pregnant self to right by the parking lot and multiple places to wash hands.

The produce fields are adjacent to sheep and a big ole llama to ogle. There are several modern and vintage tractors to see along with the vintage fire truck.

Vintage fire truck
Vintage fire truck in the parking lot at Blue House Farm | Photo: Jordan Latham

Plan your visit to Blue House Farm in Pescadero

Since traffic has been light, it only took us an hour and 18 minutes from Alameda out to Blue House Farm. It was easy to find it just punching the address into google maps.

All the staff and visitors wore masks and everything from weighing fruit to paying with the square apparatus was done without coming into physical contact with anyone.

Hours: Open for U pick Saturday and Sundays from 12-6.
Season: Weekends April – October
Location: 950 La Honda Road San Gregorio

Website >>

Strawberries are $5 per pound.

It looks like least 2-3 more weekends of strawberry picking this season. Follow @BlueHouseFarm on Instagram for the most up to date information on closure.

We saw the pumpkin fields getting ready for action and they told us to come back for that round of U-Pick in September. We totally will.

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