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Amazing Bubble Shows are exactly that

I probably went to my first completely awesome bubble show, The World’s Funniest Bubble Show, when my oldest was a toddler. Though we didn’t have much to compare it to, we were both mesmerized and captivated by the silly, scientific spectacle. Louis Pearl, the Amazing Bubble Man, creates a show that all ages — yep, even the skeptical tweens and grandparents! — will enjoy at their own level. Those of us who tote along a small container of bubbles in the diaper bag will bow down to his creativity and skill.

amazing bubble shows are hecka fun for kids

Louis Pearl is one of the world’s leading bubble-ologists. Since our first professional bubble experience, we’ve chased them around our backyard, encased ourselves inside them at museums, and thrown bubble birthday parties. Louis continues to tour sharing his own brand of soapy magic.

amazing bubble shows are super fun

We heartily recommend seeing an Amazing Bubble Show if the opportunity arises. See this brief video of highlights to convince yourself!

[Photos courtesy of Louis Pearl’s facebook page and used with permission; video from]

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