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Cato’s Ale House: A family-friendly pub

It’s no secret we love to eat, which means we’re always on the search for kid-friendly joints – fast service, lively (loud) atmosphere, a decent kids’ menu, and of course, good food. Cato’s Ale House on Piedmont Avenue fits the bill perfectly. Place your order when you are ready at the window – you don’t have to wait for a waiter! – and you’ll be chomping on fries in no time.

Piedmont Cato's Ale House
Z enjoying his huge pizza

Cato’s kids’ menu has your standard fare – dogs, pizza, chicken tenders and fries. You can sub fries for healthier options like celery and carrots, but we won’t judge you if you don’t. For parents, the burgers are great, soup and salads, and don’t forget the pickles. The best part is their extensive beer menu – order your food then hop over to the bar to choose from a variety of local beers on tap.

Piedmont Cato's Ale House
Stealing fries while Dad grabs a beer

We like the front corner booth the best – the kids can stand on the benches and count cars, buses, and people watch on Piedmont. Crayons are available, and you can even enter a monthly drawing contest for a free slice of pizza. Don’t worry about coloring on the table, heck, you can even carve your name into it if you want to.

Check out Cato’s. You’ll be glad you did.

Located at 3891 Piedmont Ave. Oakland. Opens daily at 11:30am.

[All photos by Anna Azimi]

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2 thoughts on “Cato’s Ale House: A family-friendly pub”

  1. We love going to Cato’s, especially when they have live music. Another fantastic family friendly pub is the Commonwealth Pub on Telegraph and 29th in Oakland. The owner, Lizzie, loves kids and knows all her “regular” babies by name. They have an extensive (for a pub) section of children’s books, a few toys and a British inspired kids menu.

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