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A Driving Christmas Light Tour of Walnut Creek and Concord

My parents and I just spent the evening driving around Walnut Creek and Concord to validate the addresses of this Christmas Lights map, and we saw some really great displays.

219 Rock Oak Road, Walnut Creek
219 Rock Oak Road, Walnut Creek

To make it worth the drive, here is a tour of seven amazing Christmas displays in the Walnut Creek area to check out, and you can open the map right on your phone to navigate.

You will see other great lights along the way, but the ones we’ve added to the map are what make it worth the drive.

Weekday traffic from Oakland to Walnut Creek is no joke, so plan accordingly!

Addresses for Best Christmas Lights in Walnut Creek and Concord

Christmas Lights Map of Walnut Creek and Concord

Last year, another mom shared an earlier version of this map, but as some houses have sold during the course of the year, we made the drive to check it all out and made some revisions.

Look at the signs at each house. Several of them are broadcasting music on a specific radio station and the lights are synchronized. This really makes them magical. My dad loved the animated singing lights.

The house at 876 St John Circle is unique in its dark Nightmare Before Christmas theme. However, once you tune the radio to the fun soundtrack, the characters really come to life and seem friendly. It’s quite an illusion! Plus, Olaf is in the mix, chiming in with Frozen lyrics now and then.

Find all the Christmas Lights as you drive

To open the map on your phone >>

Walnut Creek Christmas Lights
Photo by Whitney Moss
Christmas Lights in Concord
5390 Aspenwood Ct in Concord | Photo by Whitney Moss

Only time for one? Head to 5390 Aspenwood Court in Concord

This house is off the beaten path, maybe 15 minutes from downtown Concord, however, it offers a spectacle worth the drive. Tune your car radio to 102.5 for an animated light and music show. Bonus points that the songs weren’t just Christmas songs and the lights created images and not just patterns. A steady stream of cars coming by brought people who parked to get out and see the inflatables and other figures close up, almost like a mini holiday stroll.

Want more? We’ve rounded up all the best Christmas Lights in Oakland.

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  1. thank you for this very useful and helpful information! i hear there are nice displays out in Oakley and Brentwood tour, might you consider posting a driving tour for that area?

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