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Dance classes for toddlers in the East Bay

Thanks to Tutu School, with four East Bay locations, for sponsoring our guide to dance classes for toddlers and young children in the East Bay.

toddlers dancing
Tutu School | Photo by Andrew Weeks

Tutu School is a boutique ballet studio for young children ages 18 months to 8 years old. Tutu School teaches children age-appropriate motor skills and the fundamental principles of ballet, while exposing them to the world of classical music and the enchanting stories of famous ballets. Every aspect of the Tutu School curriculum has been carefully crafted for each division of little dancers, and our faculty is unparalleled in its quality and devotion to what we do. See for yourself what makes Tutu School such a magical place to be; a free trial class is offered to first-time students.

Check out Tutu School in the following locations:
Alameda | Berkeley | Oakland | Hercules

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Tutu School | Photo by Andrew Weeks

More dance classes for toddlers and preschoolers in the East Bay

This listing of dance classes for little kids include programs for toddlers, three-year olds, four-year olds and slightly older in Alameda, Berkeley, Oakland, and surrounding areas. To find other fun classes for toddlers, babies, or preschoolers, see our toddler class guide.

Alameda Ballet Academy (Alameda)
Dance With Me classes are for 3-4-year-olds and Pre-Ballet is for 4-5s Visit website>

Berkeley Ballet Theater (Berkeley’s Gilman District)
We Dance Together are parent/child classes for 2.5-4-year-olds held in 10-week sessions. Twinkle Toes is for 3-4-year-olds who are ready to enjoy an imaginative play-based dance class on their own. Pre-ballet starts at age 4. Visit website >

City of Albany (Albany, CA)
Ballet and tap dance classes for the preschool set are offered at the Albany community center on Marin Ave. Search the rec department’s online catalog by “Dance” and Age Group “Youth” to see what is available. Visit website >

East Bay Dance Center (Montclair, Oakland)
Introduction to Dance is for 3-5 year olds, setting the foundations for pre-ballet in a 50-minute class, while “Angelina Ballerina” ballet classes for 3-5-year olds are inspired by the book character of the same name and includes audio narration from the PBS character. Includes a spring recital with Angelina Ballerina costumes. Visit website>

East Oakland Sports Center (Oakland)
Creative Movement for children 2-5 is one of many classes offered through Oakland’s Parks and Rec department.
Visit website>

Katie’s Dance (El Cerrito)
Classes start at 3.5 years old and include ballet, jazz and tap, hip-hop and acrobatics.
Visit website >

Kids N Dance (Oakland, Laurel District)
Parent N Me classes are for ages 18 months to 3 years. Creative Movement is for preschoolers. Pre-ballet programs come in three flavors: Musicals (singing and acting!); Ballet; Gymnastics; and Tap.
Visit website >

Luna Dance Institute (Berkeley)
Age-appropriate movement classes for three-year-olds, toddlers, waddlers — and yep, pre-walking infants! — with parent participation. Creative Dance Improv class for 4-year-olds and 5s not yet in Kinder.
Visit website >

Montclair Recreation Center (Oakland)
Magic Movement, a parent participation class for 2-3 year olds, is offered weekly, and pre-ballet and pre-tap, are too. All registrations go through Oakland Parks & Rec, whose registration online is currently not functioning. They ask that you call them. Visit website >

Oakland Ballet Company (Oakland)
The Academy at Oakland Ballet Company offers a pre-ballet class on Saturdays that invites kids age 3-5 to work on locomotion skills such as jumping, galloping, leaping and dancing. Visit website >

Shawl-Anderson Dance Center (Elmwood)
Taught in weekly classes in a session format: Pre-ballet for 3-4 year olds; Modern dance for 3-4 year olds and 4-5 year olds, boys welcome. Available to drop-in for a weekly fee: Dance with Me for walkers up to age 4 with parent participation. Visit website>

Tutu School (Alameda, Berkeley, Hercules, Montclair)
Ballet classes for 18 months and up, hosted in a bright, tulle-filled space. Free trial classes are offered by this franchise.
Special Offers:
Sign up now, and participate in the Spring Bravo Bash Recital in June!
One Month of Unlimited Classes for all new students
Mention “510Families” in the How did you hear about us field during online registration, and get 50% off your 1st month’s tuition!
Alameda | Berkeley | Oakland | Hercules

Van der Zwaan Dance Studio (Berkeley)
Pre-ballet for 3-5 year olds with Teacher Paula is a well-loved class, taught several times per week in 8-week sessions. Visit website >

Viola’s Notes (Albany, Berkeley, Oakland)
Native Italian-speaker Viola teaches Orff-based music and movement classes at preschools across the East Bay. Classes for the public are multicultural music and movement for children 0-5. Italian-immersion is one of the options. Visit website >

Downtown Berkeley Y (Berkeley)
Dance classes at the Berkeley Y include Parent/Child Ballet Together and Ballet Essentials for ages 3-5. Classes are held in sessions for Y members and non-members with an extra fee. Visit website >

Tutu School | Photo by Andrew Weeks

Thanks again to Tutu School for being a sponsor! Visit the site nearest you to learn about classes, camps, and birthday parties that offer unforgettable memories:
Alameda | Berkeley | Oakland | Hercules

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4 thoughts on “Dance classes for toddlers in the East Bay”

  1. My little girl would love to take some dance classes. She always is coming up to me to show me a new dance she made up. It is so cute when she dances. Hopefully one of these classes is near me because I don’t really want to drive far for a dance class.

  2. Another great location for little ballerinas and older misses looking into getting prepared for the rigor of the dance industry is Berkeley City Ballet ( Check it out sometime!

  3. El Cerrito Ballet Center classes for Pre- Primary (ages 4 & 5) and Beginning (ages 6 – 9) introduce students to simple ballet technique through playful exercises. Students experience working individually or with a group, learn body awareness, and develop musicality dancing with simple props such as scarves and ribbon wands.

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