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Eating out with kids in Berkeley: Toss Noodle Bar

In Downtown Berkeley, located near Habitot, the YMCA, and the Central Library, is a new noodle bar that made even my picky eater happy.

The menu allows customers to create their own dish, choosing from noodle types, sauce, and protein. Each meal is easily two servings, so kids can split an order, or leftover strategies can be assumed.



My daughter will eat a normal meal of noodles with peanut sauce and chicken, while Mr. Picky will eat only plain noodles without sauce. At least we can go get fed, though, and come home to a clean kitchen. Plus, they serve wine and beer.


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The first time I ordered plain noodles with no sauce, it was easily accommodated. The second time we asked for that off-the-menu option, it was met with confusion, but ultimately fulfilled.

There is a TV on one wall, so position yourself according to your preference. Note that this stretch of Shattuck’s sidewalk is home to a bevvy of folks who need some mental health and hygiene support, so sitting away from the door is also advised, else be exposed to cigarette smoke or other unsavory elements that may be wafting in from the outdoors.

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