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Eating while at Alta Bates Hospital

Whether you’re at Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley for one night or several, there are many good choices for food that are better than the standard tray of food that comes with your stay. Sorry, but yuck.

Thanks to Melissa Harris for sharing her tips for eating in and around Alta Bates. While her son was in the NICU, she learned a few insider tricks.

Within the hospital

  1. The cafeteria isn’t all that bad- especially if you stick to the grill and the salad bar. For very little money, you can get a healthy and satisfying meal- just be smart about it. (On the weekends, the cafeteria is useless so make sure you bring food with you or are willing to go out for food)
  2. Ask your nurse or the desk staff about delivery choices. They will usually have a list or a stack of menus.

Just outside the hospital

Luckily the hospital is situated right between the fabulous Elmwood neighborhood and Whole Foods Market. And some places even deliver.

  1. Whole Foods is right around the corner. You can load up on items from the salad bar there and keep them in the fridge in the family room. The Labor + Delivery room staff will store alcohol for you (think celebratory champaign) but other wards will not.
  2. Mokka on Telegraph was a life saver. This place has wonderful and strong coffee and really yummy panini sandwiches. Plus, it’s nice to get some fresh air and walk around the corner for some food.
  3. College Ave is just a few blocks away, and there are lots of yummy places there to eat. I like Shen Hua and had my husband bring me some sizzling rice soup.

In honor of World Prematurity Day, Melissa also shared 5 tips for NICU moms on rookie moms. If you or a loved one are in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Alta Bates Summit Hospital in Berkeley, we hope those tips are helpful.

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