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Where to Play on a Hot Day, East Bay

We asked our team of East Bay parents what they like to do when it is too hot to do anything and, not surprisingly, they had some wonderful ideas.

Kite flying at Ocean Beach | Photo: Julia Gidwani

Be outside early. Julie, mom of four littles, suggests getting up and out of the house as soon as possible so they can be in and out before the sweaty crowds arrive. She encourages the kids to move quickly with a breakfast of donuts or bagels at the beach.

Hit the beach. Julia heads right to Pacifica for her favorite spot, Point Mori, They head out as early as possible to beat the heat and the crowds.

Play with water. Julie’s kids loved to hit the splash parks and local swimming pools. They also like to celebrate epic super soaker fights at the nearest open field or park. My child is partial to these reusable water bombs.

Go toward the shore. The further you live from the shoreline, the hotter it is. Carol likes to head toward Emeryville or Cesar Chavez Park.

Keep rolling. The cool breeze you can generate on a bike or scooter will make the heat nearly bearable. Grab a helmet and a scooter or bike to make your own breeze.

Eat all the ice cream. Apply frozen treats early and often to keep your own bodies from melting.

Sit yourself in front of a fan. Do not touch anyone. This is what I’ll be doing! Wake me up when it dips below 80 degrees again. I carry this one around the house and recharge it when needed.

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