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Park profile: Jordan Park

This guest post is by Hannah Suh, a busy mom to five year-old twins and a one year-old. She’s also a portrait and wedding photographer based out of Oakland.

This is our local playground, our go to place for the last 5 years. Some people call it Jordan Park, others call it Avenue Terrace Playground. We love Jordan Park because it is fully-fenced (which is a must for me as a twin mom) and good for meetups with other parents since kids have the freedom to roam around, but it’s all very contained.

Jordan Park Avenue Terrace
Call it Jordan Park or Avenue Terrace Park, we love this fantastic place to play outside! | Photo: Hannah Suh Photography

Play structures at Terrace Avenue Playground

There are two main play structures surrounded by sand, swings for big kids and babies, and maybe best of all, tons and tons of toys. There’s a big black top area for kids to scooter or ride bikes or any of the numerous ride on toys. And then giant grassy field surrounded by trees where we’ve had many picnics.

The big downside to Jordan Park

The only thing — and it is a big one! — is that there is no bathroom, so that can be a challenge and the reason why this is mostly a neighborhood park for nearby families. When someone needs to go to the bathroom, it’s time to go home. If this playground had a bathroom it would literally be the ultimate playground (well add a coffee shop too and THEN it’s the ultimate). But even without it you can find us here about once a week because we love it so much.

Plan your visit to Jordan Park

Jordan Park, AKA Avenue Terrace Playground, is located at 4369 Bennett Place off 35th Ave. toward Redwood Heights.


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Farmer Joe’s Marketplace is down the street and great for picking up groceries (sometimes a coupon in the chinook book).

Thanks again to Hannah Suh, maybe we’ll see you at the park soon.

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1 thought on “Park profile: Jordan Park”

  1. Kyle Ron Fassbinder

    I used to live on Laurel ave in the 90’s. My friends and I would ride our bikes through the neighborhood, down a dirt road that would spit us out at Jordan’s Park. Lots of memories in this park. My grandma lived on California so any time I was at her place you could expect my friends and I to be at that park. We moved to Alameda in the summer of ’95 and I haven’t been back since.

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