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Kids Obstacle Challenge coming to San Mateo

The Kids Obstacle Challenge is a mud adventure race series for kids and their brave parents. Designed and built for children ages 5 to 16, it is the most kid-welcoming “race” I’ve seen. Last year, I completed this obstacle course with my six-year old and we had a wonderful time. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get totally muddy up in everywhere while laughing and having a physical challenge with your kid!

The Bay Area stop for Kids Obstacle Challenge is Coyote Point on August 10th and 11th (choose one!) More details or register > (Save 10% on entry with code BRAVEFAMILY10)

Kids Obstacle Challenge before and after
Kids Obstacle Challenge before and after (with my friend Annie and her daughter)

What is Kids Obstacle Challenge?

Kids Obstacle Challenge is a really fun adventure and obstacle course race series for kids ages 5-16, with 15+ fun and challenging obstacles over the course of about two miles, and lots of mud. Designed from the bottom up as a FAMILY adventure, the kiddos are not an afterthought at this party. Though I started the event with my friend, she and her daughter raced ahead and we didn’t meet up until the finish line festivities. Push yourself as hard as you want.

Race registration fees are per child, up to two parents get to run with their kids for free. Additional adults can run for $10.

Kids Obstacle Challenge on the course
Believe it or not, I was too muddy during the race to get any photos of me or my child. Luckily, the Kids Obstacle Challenge website has some amazing pics on the course > | Photo: Bolt Marketing Group

I stayed reasonably clean until the last few obstacles. While Sawyer easily passed the rope swing over a mud pool, I fully submerged myself to the undies. If that weren’t enough, the belly crawl through a mud pit would have done the trick. More timid parents or kids can walk around scary obstacles, but you’ll wish you tried everything.


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Kids are rewarded with race medals, a headband, and plenty of Clif Bars. If you stashed any cash in your sports bra, you can also purchase from the food trucks.

Tips and stuff to pack in your bag before Kids Obstacle Challenge

The race is for the children, but you, parents, will have the most fun if you put down your phone and slither right along with them! Wear your least favorite t-shirt and ill-fitting running tights, and go for it.

  • Bring your old running shoes to the race. There’s a donation station if you want to leave them behind afterward.
  • Pack a change of clothes and flip flops so you can take advantage of the hose-off station.
  • Grab lots of towels and trash bags for your bodies and gear afterward. It’s a long drive from San Mateo.
Kids Obstacle Course Challenge tug of war
After the obstacle course, there were still more games and fun for kids: tug-of-war! | Photo: Heather Flett

We hit the road immediately and didn’t stop to enjoy San Mateo and Coyote Point while we were there. You’re in the same parking lot as CuriOdyssey if you want to stop for a visit. The kids were also screaming to stop at a few visible playgrounds.

San Mateo Coyote Point on 8/10 or 8/11 (Save 10% on entry with code BRAVEFAMILY10) Register >

[Photo credits indicated, all opinions are my own]


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