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Off the Grid @ OMCA With Kids

What to expect at OMCA Off The Grid

Friday nights, you will see plenty of families and people heading toward the Oakland Museum of California. During Off the Grid, the adjacent 10th Street is closed with numerous food trucks parked in a line.

Music is playing through speakers and picnic tables are packed with people of all ages (many toddlers, too) with festive lighting strung about to make the street glow. The line of unique food trucks ends at the front of the museum courtyard.

The steps make perfect stadium seating to watch, climb, or dance especially when a DJ or band is playing for the crowd.

off the grid at omca people and food trucks at twilight
Delicious food trucks by sunset | Photo: Beautiful Brown Adventures

Getting to OtG at OMCA

We walked to the event but our friends found free street parking just a block away. You can also pay to park in the OMCA underground garage or take BART to Lake Merritt Station.

A great big art table with plenty of cool supplies was set up in front of the Koi pond. Kids of all ages participated in making original art pieces and were assisted by friendly OMCA staff.

The restrooms are clean and families can choose to walk through the Gardens of OMCA to eat on the grass or participate in a hands-on activity.

OMCA public garden
OMCA public garden before the sun sets | Photo: Oakland Museum of California
Friday nights at OMCA
Twinkle lights make the night sparkle at OMCA OtG | Photo: Rachel M. via Yelp

Our daughter (19 mo) enjoyed people/kid/dog watching, dancing on the dance floor and sitting in front of the fantastic Koi pond (more like a Koi pool!) My husband and I enjoyed our delicious fried chicken sliders and watching our daughter cut loose on the dance floor!

Plan your visit to Friday Nights at OMCA

Admission to Off the Grid is free and isn’t tied to museum ticketing, so the price depends on your appetite!

Most trucks take apple pay and cards so you don’t have to haul too much cash around. My husband and I chose amazing sliders, bbq fries and two sodas which totaled around $25. The food was SCRUMPTIOUS! Other trucks served local desserts, coffee, beer, and wine.

Ticketed entry to the OMCA exhibition galleries and/or Nature Playspace is available with extended hours on Friday nights.

Friday Nights At OMCA families gathering
Friday Nights At OMCA with families gathering for live music and food trucks | Photo: Song K via Yelp

Location: 1000 Oak St, Oakland
Hours: Every Friday night from 5 to 8 pm.
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