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Killer Foot Massages at the Pacific East Mall

Have you been to the Pacific East Mall in Richmond? For less than $20, you can get a one hour reflexology massage at Golden Island Massage with all your clothes on. Called a “foot reflexology massage,” it starts with the feet but it works your entire body before the hour is up.

Golden Island Reflexology

It’s an indulgence in the middle of the day instead of your normal lunch break, but you’re worth it! Berkeley mom Rachael Friedman told us, “It’s my new favorite place. I’ve gone back countless times.”

What to expect:
Wear your comfy clothes and keep them ON for this Thai-inspired reflexology massage. The room is dim and includes four similarly comfy chairs with buckets of very hot water for your feet. Other people may join during your session.

The massage starts with a thorough kneading of the feet before strategically squeezing, thumping, standing-on, elbowing, and whacking other parts of your body (legs, back, neck, belly, etc.) if you have time for the full treatment.

Truly, I don’t know what’s wrong with me and Whitney, but we keep short-cutting this luxury and have now done the 45- and 30-minute versions rather than enjoying our full hours’ worth.

What it costs:
1 hour of reflexology for $19.99. If you arrive before 2pm, you can save another $1. Half-hour or 45-minute sessions are the same price.

Where to find it:
Pacific East Mall is located in Richmond, California at the El Cerrito border along Pierce Street, a frontage road that runs parallel to Interstate 80/580, exit Central Avenue. 3288 Pierce Street, Richmond, CA 94804

If you enter on the side of the parking lot facing Bridges Climbing Gym and head up the stairs or elevator, you will discover a hidden gem of relaxation at a great price on the second floor.

Related: the near-opposite experience can be had at the Korean baths of the Imperial Day Spa.

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