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It’s here: Candytopia (San Francisco)

Candytopia opened in San Francisco September 6, 2018 with limited tickets available through January 2019. Consider it an experiential candy adventure for the Instagram generation.

Candytopia SF is now open on Market St
Candytopia SF is now open on Market St | Photo by 510families

Imagine an art exhibit where all the sculptures and paintings are made from edible jellybeans, gummy candy, and licorice whips. You can’t taste or touch them, but you recognize them as a labor of love. Just as you want to sneak a lick of a giant unicorn or dragon, you see they are passing out single servings of candy in each and every room.

Candytopia Unicorn
Unicorns and pigs covered in sweet goodies. | PC: Candytopia, Evan Link

In addition to the art and sweets, the experience part includes wall decor, selfie stations, and musical interludes designed to play up the whole Willy Wonka vibe. You won’t fall into a river of chocolate, but you might fall into pit of marshmallows!

Magical photo backdrops at Candytopia SF
Magical photo backdrops at Candytopia SF | photo by the ceiling installation

Candytopia, made popular in LA, has made its way to The Bay with dozens of unique candy themed rooms, oozing with sweet goodness. Think Candyland on steroids, plus treats for your taste buds too.

Tickets must be purchased in advance.


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San Francisco – 767 Market Street. Next to The Four Seasons Hotel.

Ticket Price:
Adults: $34
Kids (4-12): $26
Kids (3 and under): Free

Would I bring my kids? I’m glad you asked!

I would NOT want a crazy 7 year old with me. There were candy offerings in each room and people were expected to take only one. Both Anna and I left with a purse filled with candy samples because we didn’t eat it all. The experience ends into a candy store gift shop where you could buy all the sweets you didn’t grab for free. I imagine a constant battle trying to get your child to not grab or eat everything in sight and then a total degradation of behavior when that battle fails.

That said, some kids will love it. Mine, I believe, could not. Our friend Sally brought her family to the Candytopia in Santa Monica and they had a great and photogenic time.


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Dive in! | PC: Candytopia, Evan Link
Diving face first into foam marshmallows, why not?
Diving face first into foam marshmallows, why not? | Photo: 510families

For more information about Candytopia, visit

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  1. I didn’t receive my pictures taken by you during my visit at candytopia, can u please advice me on how will I get them. I visited September 25,2018 at 1 pm

  2. i never got my pictures from candy topia, and i checked every possible way i could have received them and it says i don’t have them. can someone please help me?

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