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The hottest and coolest trends in ice cream

Salted caramel ice cream served between two freshly-baked warm Snickerdoodles is so last year. We’ve got new trends to try, East Bay.

Here’s a list of ice cream treats you’ll want to pencil into your summer bucket list.

Trendy ice cream shops in Oakland and Berkeley

freezing point rolled ice cream
Freezing Point Creamery in Oakland / photo: @eeats on Instagram

Rolled ice cream

Ice cream is spooned up in a unique roll style and served in a beautiful presentation, topped with traditional sundae fixings.
Where to find it: Freezing Point Creamery in Oakland delivers eye candy on top of delicious mouthfeel. Watching the servers use a special technique of scraping and tapping out the rolls is a show in its own right, and flavors at this new Chinatown shop include standards like strawberry, plus Thai flavors like purple yam and red bean.
349 7th St, Oakland, CA.

dairy free ice cream
Mr. Dewie’s Cashew Creamery / photo: Anna Azimi for {510} Families

Dairy-free ice cream

Made from cashews, not milk. Seriously!
Where to find it: Mr. Dewie’s Cashew Creamery delivers the delightful throw-back ice-cream counter experience with a modern appreciation for dietary sensitivities. The Solano Avenue location is a stand-alone ice cream destination, while the Emeryville outpost is inside the Public Market. You can walk out with a gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free treat. Yum?
1116 Solano Ave, Albany / 5959 Shellmound St, Emeryville / Local natural groceries such as Farmer Joe’s in Oakland and Monterey Market

secret scoop gelato
Secret Scoop Thai Gelato / photo: Whitney Moss for {510} Families

With sticky rice

Spoiler alert: The secret scoop at Secret Scoop Thai Gelateria in North Berkeley is warm, green sticky rice. While its appearance alarmed my picky children, they loved the taste and the hot/cold combo in their cups. Flavors at this tiny new storefront are mostly of the Asian variety: Chocolate Lemongrass, Thai Iced Tea. We loved our Lavender Strawberry and Roasted Coconut choices, however. Order with or without a scoop of warm sticky rice underneath your ice cream.
Where is it? 1922 MLK Jr Way, near University


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With a scaled tail

On Telegraph Avenue, just outside the fray of the UC Berkeley campus, is a frozen treat mecca shared by two businesses: Vampire Penguin, from whom you can order huge servings of flavored shaved ice with any number of toppings (like Coldstone Creamery) and UJI Time, whose soft-serve is limited to unusual flavors, but is offered in a freshly pressed fish-shaped waffle cone, called Taiyaki.

fish snacks uji time
photo: Purple yam taiyaki from Uji Time’s Facebook page

UJI Time also sells unique non-ice cream, but still scaly treats, made by pouring batter into a hot-iron mold that produces a multi-pack of little fish pastries. I’ll stick with the nutella version, thanks, because red bean does not call to me.
Where to find it: UJI Time, 2575 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley


For those who prefer traditional ice creams, rest assured, Cookiebar and CREAM are still scooping up your favorites, on cones or between cookies, your choice.


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Cookiebar Creamery, Oakland / photo: Whitney Moss for {510} Families

Where to find cookie ice cream sandwiches

Cookiebar  is at 1606 Webster St in Alameda and 517 8th Street in Oakland

CREAM is at 2630 5th St in Alameda and 2399 Telegraph Ave in Berkeley and 6300 College Ave #150 in Oakland

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