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Victory Point Cafe Birthday Parties

Victory Point Cafe hosted my child’s birthday party right before the pandemic and we finally got a chance to revisit. All the recommendations hold.

For East Bay Families with anyone ages 3-99, Victory Point Cafe is a super fun board game cafe offering hundreds of games and plenty of food and drink to keep you fueled throughout your visit.

It is an easy birthday party destination for the right kind of kiddo. Because there are literally hundreds of choices, a little kid party can easily pivot from Mouse Trap to Uno to Dinosaur Escape or Mermaid Island and back again.

victory point party
Photo provided by Victory Point Cafe of my kid’s birthday party — we’re playing My Little Scythe

My son’s party was for children ages 12 to 14 and the kids played a range of tween games we don’t have at our house: Cheating Moth, Secret Hitler, Catan, and Apples to Apples. To be totally honest with you, one of those games I snuck on the table and it was immediately rebuffed while another one was embraced. I saw the kids seamlessly shift between smaller strategy games and larger party games. I kept hovering around the perimeter expecting to be needed, but between them and the game guru, I could actually chill out with a different game for little brother.

two kids play board games
My kids played games while waiting for the guests to arrive | Photo: Heather Flett

What Victory Point Cafe Provides For Birthday Parties

Victory Point provides table space and access to hundreds of games, plus a Game Guru to teach guests how to get started and play any of the games on the shelf (priceless!) for $12/person (minus the birthday kid who plays for free).

They also sell a limited selection of games for birthday gifts, party favors, or any folks who want to take the fun home with them.

Though menu options will vary, they usually sell pizza, sandwiches, pastries, snack bowls, sodas, a full coffee bar, and some harder drinks. For about $120, I purchased 5 pizzas and 5 snack bowls. I’m Berkeley enough that I only offered pitchers of water.

party food
Our party food included snacks and pizza | Photo: Heather Flett

What Parents Provide for Birthday Parties at Victory Point Cafe

You bring the cake or cupcakes and they’ll serve it for you for a $2/person cutting fee. That’s it.

kid blowing on cupcake
Making a wish at Victory Point Cafe | Photo: Heather Flett

Bottom Line on Birthday Parties at Victory Point Cafe

We endorse this party fully and I can imagine hosting many more parties here. Kids have the best time because the selection of games is vast and party guests can have fun rather than worrying about the details. If your kid loves games as mine do, this is a wonderful party to host or attend!

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