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5 East Bay outings for a baby in a carrier


Babies in a carriers are a great companions. They go where you want them to; they guarantee that passersby will smile at you; and you can always use them as an excuse to leave when you’re ready (“Oh, excuse me, my baby needs his nap!”). Sure, they also come with real-world needs, but that’s true even when you stay at home.

Here are five East Bay outings that you should definitely do while your baby is in the wearable age range.

  1. Rose Garden – Wander along the garden paths smelling the roses and savoring the view from the hills in this Berkeley Landmark. Walk through the tunnel to the east and visit Codornices Park. Imagine the adventures you’ll have with bigger kids on the concrete slide or play structures.
    Location: 1200 Euclid Avenue, Northeast Berkeley
  2. Solano Ave. – Run your errands, grab a quick¬†dinner, browse the many boutiques, or rest in a shady park. See our parents’ guide to Solano Ave.
  3. Alameda Flea Market – Bring a friend and get lost among the trinkets and treasures with your baby safely strapped to your front. See our tips for the Alameda Antiques Faire, held monthly.
    Location: 2900 Navy Way (at Main Street) Alameda, CA 94501 (directions)
  4. Cesar Chavez Park – walk along the paved bayfront paths that loop back to the parking lot. Keep your eyes open for wildlife and huge ships. One of my jogs along the trail was rewarded with a double rainbow and a hawk.
    Location: 11 Spinnaker Way, North of the west end of University Avenue in Berkeley
  5. Jack London Square – watch the ferries come and go while you enjoy your morning stroll. Treat yourself to ice cream or a nice lunch.
    Location: Broadway and Embarcadero, Oakland

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Share your other favorite baby-wearing outings in the comments!

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