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Walk or Drive Through Christmas Lights: Candy Cane Lane in Pleasanton

Opening night for 2022 is Saturday, December 3, after the Pleasanton Christmas Parade. Check the Candy Cane Lane Facebook page for updates.

My favorite part about the walkable/driveable Christmas lights at Candy Cane Lane in Pleasanton is that it is a sparkling holiday outing that doesn’t require unbuckling car seats! Oh, and it is totally free.

A 30-minute drive from parts of Oakland, Pleasanton makes an exciting winter’s evening stroll. Just a couple blocks off Main Street in Pleasanton, families can enjoy the festive music and lights of Candy Cane Lane every evening starting December 3, 2022, from 5:30 – 10 pm on Walnut Drive. 25+ houses are officially participating in a neighborhood tradition that has been going strong since 1955.

candy cane lane pleasanton
Photo: Candy Cane Lane Pleasanton

Upon turning onto Walnut Drive you will be greeted by welcome signs and a poster listing the radio station, KCCL 91.5FM, playing holiday music to accompany your slow drive to see all the lights. You might also see a few other well-decorated homes in the vicinity as you come and go.

kids visit Candy Cane Lane in Pleasanton drive through christmas lights
My kids were too excited by the Cars-themed house at Candy Cane Lane | Photo Alexia Pereira

My family visited Candy Cane Lane at 5 pm on Sunday and it was a little rainy, no one was walking the street. The cars lined up barely crawled at the lowest speed to allow maximum light viewing. These homes really packed in the cheer, with yards of adorable Christmas gear and decorations covering every square inch. My five- and seven-year-old sons love the movie Elf and were very excited to spot Buddy on a well-lit front porch.

elf christmas scene at candy cane lane
Can you spot Buddy the Elf? Look very carefully! | Photo: Tiffany D via Yelp

My three-year-old daughter appreciated the twinkling Cinderella yard display and a nearby setup that included Mulan. The neighborhood has turned itself into a fun mix of recognizable modern Disney characters to excite the littles and old-school classic Christmas characters with nostalgic imagery to amuse the parents like Rudolph, Frosty, and Santa driving a sleek black classic car.

candy cane lane kids with christmas lights
Walking down Candy Cane Lane | Photo: Edith via Instagram

Parent pro tip: Meadowlark Dairy Drive-Thru is nearby off First Street. They’re selling a peppermint eggnog soft serve with curbside car service until 8 pm.

I feel deep appreciation for these folks putting in all the work of decorating and paying the massive power bills for these incredible neighborhood light displays. Driving through the neighborhood at a snail’s pace makes for an easy and safe family Christmas event, even if the kids are wearing only one shoe and having a mask-related tantrum. Thank you, purveyors, of holiday cheer, you rule!

Plan your visit to the Drive Through Christmas Light of Candy Cane Lane

Point your GPS to 4150 Walnut Dr, Pleasanton to find the lighted neighborhood between 5:30 and 10 pm now through Christmas.

For seasonal soft serve, Meadowlark Dairy is a half-mile away at 57 W. Neal Street, Pleasanton.


candy cane lane
Candy Cane Lane boasts an epic Looney Toons train flanked by other beloved Characters | Photo: Tiffany D

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