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Teen & Tween Birthday Party Spot: Game On Berkeley

Thank you to Game On Berkeley for hosting my child’s recent birthday celebration with a handful of friends.  

Game On is hard to describe in a few words because it is unlike any activity we’ve experienced. For East Bay Families or groups of people ages 8 to 88, this indoor multi-room game session invites guests to spend a couple of hours laughing while solving custom-built puzzles that challenge your brain, body, and teamwork.

two adults and a child on ropes where the floor is lava
The floor is lava in this room. Can you complete the challenges in time? | Photo: Game On Berkeley

Wholly original, it is an easy birthday party destination for game lovers, puzzle enthusiasts, and creative thinkers. With individual challenge rooms, small teams try to figure out and complete the correct actions before time runs out. Games are designed to be played multiple times. If your team makes a mistake or the timer winds down, you exit the room and try again in a few minutes. Once your team ‘solves’ the puzzles, there are harder levels to work on. And there’s beer (not for our daytime kid party, but if you want to come back with adult players!).

mechanical roller coaster and ball toy called Tidal Wave
Ball Game: Can you figure out how to make the balls go where you want? | Photo: Game On

Players form teams of 2-4 people and must cooperate to succeed. My kiddo had a team of five and my husband and I played the games as a team of two. We’d like to return with older teen brothers, on a double date, and when the grandparents visit next.

The food situation

For a full-blown party, Game On will provide you with pizza and beverages. Because we weren’t sure about the food situation, we had cupcakes in the parking lot before entering.

kid eating a cupcake out of the back of a minivan
We had a cupcake picnic in the parking lot but you don’t have to | Photo: Heather Flett

After the kids played for an hour or so, they took a snack break in the lounge area before returning to the fun. Game On has a limited snack, soft drink, and beer menu. Outside food is prohibited without prior arrangement.

Plan your birthday party or outing to Game On

Currently, Game On is open Friday through Sunday for regular hourly gameplay and most days by reservation for parties and groups.

Fees: Reserve 2 hours of unlimited gameplay for $39/adult or $29/student.

Rent the entire facility for $599 for 2 hours and 30 minutes for up to 15 kids. Includes pizza, water, and access to a party room. Parties are recommended for kids 10+ and require adult supervision.

Location: 1235 Tenth Street Berkeley near Whole Foods Gilman
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1 thought on “Teen & Tween Birthday Party Spot: Game On Berkeley”

  1. Thank you for this idea! It’s hard to find things that don’t remind our kids of their two year old birthday parties. They want something fun but also something a little novel that’s not so familiar that it feels like a typical day. I think my soon to be 11 and 14 year old would both love this!

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