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Sponsor Spotlight: The Crowden School in Berkeley

This post is sponsored by The Crowden School in Berkeley, the only school in the entire country that uses chamber music (playing music together in small groups) as its educational model for third through eighth grades. But for its students, The Crowden School is a second home, where they can feel comfortable and thrive.

child carries cello in a mask
See for yourself how music changes everything at The Crowden School. Take a socially distant tour. Photo: The Crowden School

I’ve lived across the street from The Crowden School for more than a decade, so the sight of grade school-aged children hustling up the sidewalk, carrying the telltale cases of string instruments, is a familiar one to me. From my living room window, I see these students playing soccer and running around during recess and after school. Many of you have probably been there, as the North Berkeley campus, located on Rose Street at Sacramento, is home to a thriving music center, with music lessons, classes, and performances for all ages. You may also have attended Crowden’s very popular annual musical carnival, Community Music Day.

The Crowden School is unlike any other school in the country, a third through eighth-grade day school with chamber music at its heart.

There is music everywhere at The Crowden School! When you walk into Crowden, you’ll see instrument cases, music stands, and sheet music everywhere. You’ll hear music coming from every classroom. You’ll overhear students talking in the halls, and they are likely to be talking excitedly about music, too. At Crowden, students play music together with joy—and then they bring that enthusiasm to learning in all areas.

children perform strings on stage in masks
Playing music together helps students develop skills to succeed in life | Photo: The Crowden School

Playing music together helps students succeed in all areas of life

Talking to Crowden School students, you’ll notice a remarkable trend: how much they want to be at their school, and how much they value the experience and education they receive. Crowden students truly love school, learning, their teachers, and each other. Playing music together—rehearsing together, improving together, learning how to listen to one another—creates a special environment of trust and empathy among the students and faculty. Students in different grades mix together in their music ensembles, which makes the school culture tight-knit and supportive—older students take leadership roles and mentor their younger peers.

The bonds of friendship Crowden School students form through their musical partnership are deep and enduring: alumni stay close throughout the high school and college years, and even beyond. At The Crowden School, children feel so supported by people just like them, who love music, they grow into confident, curious, creative, and passionate young leaders.

children do yoga in masks at school
Teamwork is the center of the school’s extensive PE program, which includes soccer, basketball, swimming, yoga, tennis, and more | Photo: The Crowden School

What Crowden Parents Say

“I think of Crowden as the Hogwarts for music–a very special place for children who love music and parents who value the work that practicing an instrument requires. This same dedication and enthusiasm is also applied to academics. Crowden’s teachers have consistently inspired and challenged my child in all disciplines. The true magic, however, comes from the way that playing chamber music together naturally fosters cooperation, builds communication skills, and enhances empathy among the students.” ~ Sara, parent of a current sixth-grade student

“We chose Crowden because it is unique. Crowden teaches music as a core subject alongside a rigorous academic curriculum and we like the idea of starting every school day with music! This is our first year in Crowden and we are very happy with the choice we made. The class sizes are on the small side, so each student gets a lot of attention.” ~ Suman, parent of a current sixth-grade student

children play soccer at school in masks
Joy in playing music together sparks a love of learning in all areas of life | Photo: The Crowden School

See The Crowden School For Yourself

There is no substitute for seeing Crowden’s joyful students and expert faculty in action during the school day! Private socially distanced tours are offered on weekday mornings.

Visit crowden.org/admissions to schedule your tour.

Info Sessions for Prospective Parents

Parents curious about a Crowden education should know about these special information sessions. Attend online or on campus:

  • Tuesday, February 22, 2022: 6:30 to 7:30 pm
  • Tuesday, March 29, 2022: 6:30 to 7:30 pm
  • Tuesday, April 26, 2022: 6:30 to 7:30 pm

Visit crowden.org/admissions to RSVP for an info session.

[All photos provided by The Crowden School and used with permission]

Crowden also offers music lessons, classes, and ensembles for all ages and levels in the general community. We thank them for sponsoring {510} Families. Learn more >


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