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Kid-friendly Vegan Restaurants for Families

Eating vegan and vegetarian with kids is so much easier at home when you can control exactly what goes into your food. We asked some of our veggie-loving friends to share their favorite kid-friendly vegan restaurants to eat in the East Bay with families. These are the easiest, tastiest, and overall kid-friendliest places to eat vegan and vegetarian with the family!

Eating vegetarian and vegan with kids in the East Bay
Families at Cha-Ya settling in for vegan Japanese

Super family-friendly vegan & vegetarian restaurants

Sabra McDunn has a few favorite vegetarian and kid-friendly vegan spots in Oakland and Berkeley. She told me that Herbivore on Shattuck Ave. has a huge menu and her boys especially like eating breakfast there (Now closed). Souley Vegan in Oakland is great and has so many tasty side dishes. The Butcher’s Son is a new Vegan Deli on University Ave with amazing sandwiches that her kids LOVE. Also, Mr. Dewie’s Cashew Creamery on Solano in Albany has cashew-based “ice cream” that is super good; the boys ask for it all the time!!!

Jenny Wong told us that her kids’ favorite place to get vegan food in Berkeley is Saturn Cafe for vegan burgers, nachos and shakes. They also love Cha-Ya where they eat vegan sushi, miso soup, and tempura soba (CASH ONLY).

Dan Lim and his family have a fancy favorite. For a completely vegan menu, they like Sanctuary Bistro; the food is good, organic, local, and gluten-free. His family is also enjoying Mr. Dewie’s Cashew Creamery below.

Mr Dewies Cashew Creamery and other vegan choices for families
Mr Dewie’s Cashew Creamery

For more Oakland family favorites, check out Hella Vegan Eats and Shangri-La Vegan. Need one more yummy dessert? Try Pepples Donut Farm.

Honorable mention: these places have a full menu with great kid-friendly vegan & vegetarian choices

  • Picante: Check out the vegan burrito, guacamole, Agra fresca.
  • Smart Alec’s: Burgers and fries near campus
  • Bobby G’s: pizza joint with vegan cheese pizza and vegan sausages (and will have your favorite game playing on one of the TVs)
  • Vampire Penguin: shave ice place with create your own toppings
Zayn enjoys his life-size Pepples donut and other vegan food for families
Pepples Donut Farm

Where are your favorite vegan and vegetarian restaurants when you’re eating out with your children?

[Photos by Whitney Moss; Rosa Sheng; Anna Azimi; used with permission, all rights reserved]

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4 thoughts on “Kid-friendly Vegan Restaurants for Families”

  1. we are far from vegan, but we LOVE potala on san pablo (also shangri-la vegan in oakland). my biggest gripe with vegan food is that it seems “fake.” potala is like the healthiest thing in the bay and the food is “real.” you won’t feel guilty eating it, plus you can walk to mr. dewie’s after. win win.

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