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Date Night, Mom’s Night Out, or Family Night Out at Berkeley’s Greek Theatre

There’s nothing better than a summer evening at the Greek Theatre: listening to live music outdoors, sitting high above the UC Berkeley campus.

Lord Huron show at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley with fans at sunset showing the campanile
Summertime show at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley | Photo by Sterling Munksgard for Another Planet Entertainment

Another Planet Entertainment, a new sponsor of {510} Families, is excited to invite Bay Area families to this season’s programming. In addition to the Greek Theatre, they produce concerts and festivals at a number of venues. Read on for highlights of what’s to come!

“What an amazing venue for concerts and festivals, with such a cool atmosphere, awesome acoustics, and the longest-running outdoor amphitheater in the country!!”

– Manfred A.


We love the Greek Theatre for a date night. You can bring your own food in, plus the concessions stands are pretty great. Or, bring the kids! Charlie Puth, anyone? He’ll be at the Greek on July 6.

Berkeley's Greek Theater
Greek Theatre in Berkeley | photo courtesy Another Planet Entertainment

Upcoming shows at the Greek that might be of interest to kids include

But every family is different and we suggest this venue is so great, it’s worth seeing almost anything there!

(Up for a bigger venue? Another Planet Entertainment has booked Sam Smith on 8/27 at the Oakland Arena and 8/28 at the Chase Center.)

Tips for Seeing Shows at The Greek Theatre in Berkeley

Arriving early is critical to get seats in the cement bleachers. Most shows are general admission, so you have to fend for yourself to identify seats. The capacity of the theater includes the assumption that folks will sit above the cement seats on the lawn. The lawn is on a steep decline, so if you’re bringing older folks or have any mobility issues, do what you can to arrive early and grab cement seats.

Pro tip: Bring seat cushions or blankets to sit on! The cement looks really cool, but your tush will thank you if you have something softer to sit on.

Mom's Night Out at Greek Theater
Mom’s Night Out at the Greek Theatre | Photo: Whitney Moss

Parking at the Greek Theatre

Parking is pretty limited, so public transportation is a good idea. The closest parking lot, on the corner of Hearst and La Loma (point your GPS to La Loma Parking Structure) doesn’t open until 5 pm and will fill up before the show starts, so consider a public lot in Downtown Berkeley. If you have kids with you, you might want to do a drop-off situation to reduce the amount they are walking, but avoid driving on Gayley in front of the theater because traffic will be backed up.

You can always take a rideshare to the BART station after the show if everyone is too tired to walk.

Food and drink at The Greek Theatre

You can pack a lunchbox full of food (no beverages except sealed or empty water bottles). The concession stands are open through the entirety of the show, selling beer, wine, and food. You can also bring in to-go food, and there are a number of quick-service restaurants on Euclid Street, about a 5 minutes walk from the theater. Just note that the walk from Euclid Street is uphill and select your shoes accordingly!

On a date or a Mom’s Night Out? Downtown Berkeley has a number of sit-down restaurants to choose from. We like Revival Kitchen for an early pre-show adults-only dinner. A 15-minute walk through the Cal campus will take you from Downtown Berkeley (including the BART station) to the main entrance of the Greek Theatre.

Read the Greek Theatre’s rules about food and drink here >

Be ready for a temperature change

No matter how warm the late afternoon sun is, eventually, the Berkeley air will cool after the show starts. Bring a jacket and maybe a hat for the darker hours — even in August! Layers are your friend this close to the Bay. (And yes, there’s a view from the upstairs Terrace concessions line.)

When the sun goes down and the production lights go on, there’s nothing like the energy of the crowd. It’s truly a special experience to share with your family.

Berkeley's Greek Theater on a Summer Night
Greek Theatre in the Summer | Photo: Whitney Moss

Another Planet Entertainment (APE) exclusively operates and promotes concerts at the Greek Theatre at UC Berkeley, San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, The Castro, and The Independent, the Fox Theater in Oakland, the Oxbow RiverStage in Napa, and Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harvey’s. Annual festivals include San Francisco’s Outside Lands in Golden Gate Park and Las Vegas’ Life is Beautiful.

Visit their website to see the full list of upcoming events

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