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My East Bay summer bucket list (Heather)

After reading Whitney’s East Bay summer bucket list, I wanted to create one of my own. Here are ten things I’d like to do with my family this summer that we’ve never done before.


Go to Berkeley Family Camp for the first time.

Visit the Berkeley Rose Garden with my baby.

Visit the Grand Lake Oakland Farmers Market with splash pad.

Splash at the El Cerrito splash park. We love that pool but haven’t been to the sprinkle zone.

Drop in on a Circus class at Ha Ha This a way with my five year old.

Climb Indian Rock with my bigger littles. Can’t believe we’ve never been.

Trek eastward to the San Ramon pools with water slides and hella hot days.

Go berry picking in Brentwood.

Wander through the Edible Schoolyard. Shame on me. Another place I’ve been but never taken my children.

Brunch at Wat Mongkolratanaram, Berkeley’s Thai Buddhist temple. Technically, we’ve done this one but I haven’t been since my 5YO was a baby.

[photo of Berkeley’s Thai temple via albill on flickr]

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