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Parents’ guide to Piedmont parks

Our guest contributor today is Jill Seman.

Piedmont is just a few minutes from Oakland and San Francisco.  It is small – just 1.7 square mile area in the East Bay – and mostly residential with beautiful tree lined streets and  lots of great parks, paths and wooded areas to explore!

Here’s a quick list of some of my favorite spots to get out and play in Piedmont:

Dracena Quarry Park:  A hidden neighborhood gem on eight acres of land in a literal abandoned rock quarry. The park starts out as a sloping strip of grass that leads to a children’s playground updated in 2006.  There’s a newish play structure and two sets of swings, a climbing wall, a waterfall faucet for the sand area, and a cement slide built into a grassy man-made hill! [Find out more about Dracena Quarry Park]

Dracena Park in Piedmont
Dracena Park in Piedmont climbing wall | Photo: Julie Herson

Beach Play Field:  Located next to Beach School along Linda Avenue are two tennis courts, soccer field/baseball field, pickleball court, little tots play structure and sand area with picnic tables. The Beach Playground is closed to the public during school hours including the grassy field and the kindergarten play structure.

Crocker Park:  Also called Bear Park for the large bear sculpture, Crocker Park is a manicured jewel on just an acre of land, which features a shaded lawn area and beds of rhododendrons, camellias and ferns. Crocker Park is located at 67 King Avenue at Hampton Road.

Crocker Park bear sculpture
The mama bear and cub sculpture is a Crocker Park landmark | Photo: Jo W via Yelp

Piedmont Sports Field: Piedmont Sports Field is used for organized baseball, children’s football, and soccer. The park also has two tennis courts, backboard, volleyball court, and 6 basketball hoops. The children’s play structure and sand area are located a few feet away from the tennis courts.

Linda Playground: Located across the street from Beach School, a little parkway with a playground.

Piedmont Park:  Piedmont Park is a great local play space.  It covers approximately 15 acres and contains a variety of recreational facilities.  There are lots of grassy areas great for exploring inside a lush landscape of trees with a creek running through it.   A bowl-shaped lawn area near the Community Center is great for a family picnic or a game of Frisbee.   The playground includes a climbing structure and sand area for preschoolers. There are also several baby swings, a stepped seating area and benches.

Piedmont is a terrific place to get out and play with kids, both big and small.    It is great for families who are looking to go someplace new while staying in the Bay Area.

Thanks to Jill for her contribution! If you’d like to share your insider’s knowledge of a 510 neighborhood, send us an email at

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