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Plan ahead for Summer Fun

What’s great about Summer is that some days, you can just roll out of bed slip on a swim suit and play til your mom calls you for dinner without a care in the world. Then have a popsicle.

But that’s if you’re a kid.

If you’re the parent, you probably need to stock up on popsicles, swim suits, and beach towels; you need to check the swimming pool schedules and remember enough sunscreen; you also need to empty the sticky bag at the end of the day and try to keep sandbugs out of the minivan.

Are we having fun yet? Sorry, I got distracted by my own to-do list. I’m writing to help you out with a few of your bigger picture to-do list items! Here are four things that are more likely to work out if you plan ahead:
You can sleep at the Oakland Zoo

  1. Family Camp. Both Lair of the Bear and Berkeley Family Camp still have space available but you’ll want to book soon. Mendocino Woodlands has a similar setup too.
  2. Crazy Overnights. In the East Bay, Oakland Zoo (Sundown Safari), Fairyland (Summer Sleepover), Chabot Space & Science Center (Slumber with the Stars), USS Hornet (Family Overnight) or in SF Cal Academy (Penguins + Pajamas) all offer expensive after hours slumber party programs for folks who book in advance.
  3. Camping. Good old-fashioned camping seems effortless but takes a heck of a lot of planning. And reservations. Use Reserve America for many state run campsites.
  4. Day Camp. Sure, the one that sold out within two minutes is out of reach, but there are many summer camps that you can register for. See our East Bay camp guide for inspiration. If you register online using ActivityHero, it saves your info from camp to camp.

I hope you have lots and lots of fun this Summer! And at least 95 activities on our 99 Days of Summer don’t require any pre-planning.

This post is not sponsored. We can’t vouch for the awesomeness of most of these activities so reserve at your own risk. We recently became an affiliate of ActivityHero.

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